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In Memory

Frank Lapetina - Class of 1967

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11/18/12 05:11 PM #1    

Henry Randolph Hensel (1963)

02/27/13 11:36 AM #2    

Ron Braham (1967)

Memories of five of us stuffed into that black Corvair riding to Seaside in the middle of the night. Large amounts of alcohol consumed and "resting" in the dunes. Great times with someone greatly missed...Lap.

01/19/15 11:56 AM #3    

Mike Danylchuk (1967)

Spent a fair amount of time with Frank during those first driving years.  Frank was allowed to drive his dad's new, '66 or '67, Pontiac Grand Prix when we were all driving our parents cars.  When I say new, it still had that new car smell and hardly any miles on it.  What a beautiful car.  The first time we were out he let me drive it and I had a close call where the guy chased us down and gave me a piece of his mind.  Beside just crusing I remember Frank took me for my first trip to McDonalds.  I am pretty sure I remember an 18 cent hamburger and the fries were real potatoes, some with the skin still on them.  The soda, milk shake and fries had to be less than that. For $2 you could get enough to stuff both of us and Frank could eat.  I remember Frank's senior year.  He played football and was one of our 5  200 pounders.  He played catcher in baseball but separated his shoulder and could not play.  Frank always made me laugh.  He had a great smile and with that contageous laugh, you could not help but laugh too.  Some of you may remember one of his greatest greetings, I can still hear him say it today, "You must be from Pat-eh-son!"  I've thought of him often over the years I have tried to share that greeting with others in his memory.  He was one of a kind.

01/20/15 03:25 PM #4    

Walter "Steve" Vreeland (1967)

Frank was a good guy. Always had a good time when we were out. Like Ron mentioned, the Corvair trips to the shore were a blast. I do not know how that car made it round trip. I only have good memories of Frank. Sorry he left us so soon.

01/21/15 12:14 PM #5    

Mike Tramontano (Tramontano) (1967)

Frank and I were good friends during high school.  He and I played baseball until he seriously hurt his shoulder. He had to wear this huge upper body cast to protect his shoulder.  Many times he complained about how terrible it itched.  I really missed him on the field as my catcher.  His company with the team would have been great support. 

He and I played a alot of table pool.  No matter how well I shot he always was better. He was a natural.

We lost touch after high school.  I was recently in touch with Lenny Preyss who told me that he and Frank were going together to go to college in New England.  Frank only lasted one day because he told Lenny that he missed his girlfriend!

Frank and I spoke on the telephone one time after high school.  He told me that he was in the insurance business, was happily married with two children.  It is sad to think that he left his family so early in life.


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