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Old Paramus Pictures


WAY Back When!


Routes 4 & 17 "Cloverleaf"

First In the Nation?


 Roller Rink on Route 17 - 1956

(check out the grass divider)


Paramus Bathing Beach

NW Corner of Midland Ave. and Paramus Road




Johnny's Cash Market

(Midland Avenue next to the old school)



Paramus Drive In

(Route 4 East - Entrance to GSP)


Great Place to See a Movie

(way before the Century)


Route 17 - 1950's




 Route 17 N - Suburban Diner







Known for Farming 


Until the Shopping Center Frenzy

 Alexanders - 1969



Garden State Plaza



Plaza Photos Courtesy of Michele See


Santa (East Side of 17)




Santa at The GSP - 1960


Anyone Remember the Bells?





 Rain and Snow - It Didn't Matter


 S.S. Kresge's

An Actual Five and Dime Store



The Bergen Mall







The Mall Get a Roof



In the Beginning



The Early Days


This Lot Was Never Full Back Then



Too Much Liability for Rides Today


Two Guys from Harrison





EJ KOrvettes


Check Out the Cars!


I see a 1958 Ford, 1957 T-Bird, 1962 Valiant, 1962 Chevy, and ?



Places to Eat?


No Problem


Suburban Diner Route 17 North


(when trucks were welcome!) 


Suburban Diner - 2012



Sandy's Hearth - Rte 4 West



Old Salt


(Route 4 East at the GSP Overpass - now a Honda dealership)



Pizza Town USA - Route 17 South



($0.25 slices and the $1.25 "Leave It to Us)


The Fireplace

 Still Going Strong


 The Chimes - Glen Avenue and Rte. 17 S


 Photo Courtesy of Carolyn Reichert - Class of '63



Hannah Krause's


Farview Avenue Exit from 17S





















THE Place to Be After a Football Game






Remember the flashing "Chicken in the Basket" sign?


Jahn's Ice Cream Palor



Look at the prices..."The Kitchen Sink" = $6.00







Komsa's Farm

Corner of Spring Valley Ave and Continental Ave





The Old Schools



Farview School - 1928



Midland School