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Photo Op - Mar 2022

Photo Op of the Month - March 2022

This class photo comes from Barry Yarkoni, Class of 1970. Parkway School – Mrs. Colli – 6C – 1963-64 School Year. Thank you Barry for your contribution. Thanks to Judy Di Mauro for further identifications.

Parkway School 6C 1963 - 1964 Class Picture

Front Row R-L    Pamela Lyons – Nancy Mills – Judy Di Mauro – Lorin Colby – Tom Crandall

2nd Row: Diane Sommo -  Barry Yarkoni – Joel Kahn – Billy Borra – Marty Galinsky

3rd Row:  Debbie Wall? – Richard Jacobs – Susan Frishman – Jo-ann Krause – Sherry Klein

4th Row: David Syme – Christine Marshall - Roseann Shadoian? - Robert Yingling - Thomas Davidson

5th Row: Michael Farrell – Lori Giordano - Debbie Furlipa? – Sally Leshnover - Lauren Gibson?

Back: Susan Fishman – Bud Friebe - David Sosnow- Christina Holmes - Ronald Sinclair

If you're interested in a high resolution version suitable for printing, please let me know. And, if you can help fill in the blanks, please copy and paste the entire row(s) into an email so I can replace what's here. Please send edits to paramushighschoolalumni@gmail.com. Thanks for viewing.

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