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Photo Op - August 2022 - Class of 1969 Pictures

Here's two class photos courtesy of Craig Cianci, Class of 1969. If you can identify any of the unknowns, please let me know. Thanks.

Class Picture, Farview School
Grade 4  |  Class of 1969

(Left to right)

Top row: Kathy McDermott, ?, Lorraine Thompson, Kevin Lancaster
Second: Rick H, Sheryl Meyn, Craig Cianci, Lita Slaman, John Caleca
Third: Cut-out (unknown), Donna Powell
Fourth: Cut-out (unknown), Tom Green, Marcia Brewer, Alan Hirshfeld, Robin Gerber
Fifth: Jimmy Sheridan, Robin Rossel, Roger Renna, Alice?, Gary Fagersten

It's unknown who was cut out.
Farview Ave. School, Paramus Class of 1969

Class Picture, Farview School
Mrs. Valera - Grade 6  |  Class of 1969

(Left to right)

Top row: Marty Hillman, Karen Holt, Mrs. Valera, Mr. Perry, Tony Caleca, Mary Zabriske, Dav Karsten
Second: Donna Fairhead, Kevin Lancaster, Donna Powell, Craig Cianci
Third: Lita Slamam, Alan Hirshfeld, ?, Doug Constant, Linda Johanson, Steve Standish, ?
Fourth: Jeff Zeisler, Kim Milby, Gary Cohen, ?, Kevin Schmit, Kathy McDermott, Jimmy Sheridan, ?
Fifth: Paul Freedman, Marcia Brewer, Billy B, Elizabeth Barna, Ralph Heil, Elaine Malencsik, ?

Farview School, Paramus Class of 1969

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