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Photo Op of the Month - April 2024

Class of 1961 Farview School Classroom Photos

This month’s Photo Ops come from Erich Martel, who attended Paramus Public Schools, K-6, 1948 to 1955. He attended Farview School, K-2 and 4-6, and Midland School for grade 3. He would be in our PHS Class of 1961, but went to Bergen Catholic High School.

After checking our PHS Alumni website for the Class of 1961, he found that none of his K-6 class pictures were online. He kindly offered the class pictures that he felt would surely delight grads whose families lost theirs. In turn, he put in a request for those he is missing.

His offer included copies of Farview School class pictures seen below, and is seeking copies of Farview School class pictures for:

            Grade 1, 1949-50 – Miss Trimble
            Grade 3 (Memorial School), 1951-52 – Ms. Friel
            Grade 4, 1952-53 – Miss Nancy Geyer
            Grade 6, 1954-55 – Miss McGill

If you have any of the requested grade school photos please contact Erich. He can be reached at ehmartel@starpower.net and looks forward to hearing from his classmates.

These photos and the children's names have been permanently archived in the Classrooms of 1961 Graduates page.

Farview School ~ Miss Kissler's Kindergarten Morning Class ~ 1948-49

Farview School ~ Mrs. Ziegler's 2nd Grade ~ 1950-51

Farview School ~ Miss Stefanoski's 5th Grade ~ 1953-54