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Sports History



Sports History



Special Recognition


Web Gould

January 1959




Kenny Maxwell

November 1974





Mike Danylchuk and Glen Morschauser

October 1966





Sports Year 1962-63




Spartan Cheerleaders - Majorettes - Twirlers 




Beverly Russell - Team Captain


Beverly Russell (Class of '60)



Beverly Shell (Class of '60)




Lois Matarozo and Liz Hodgins (Class of '63)






Front (left to right)

Susan Sloane, Laurel Bojyo, Joanne Suarez, Candy Heimlich, Sharon Binder, Barbara Fox, Margie Mandell, Dot Woolsey

Rear (left to right

Terry Tringali, Nancy Bergsma, Micki See, Jeannie Thompson, Louise Webster, Ronnie Prezalar, Kathy Edwards and Nancy Pollitt




Left to Right

Michele See ('64) - Georgianna George ('64) - Ronnie Prezalar ('64)



Candy Heimlich ('54) - Barbara Fox ('65)



Micki See


1981-82 Spartan Cheerleaders
Photo Courtesy of Michael DeValue (Class of '82)
Row 1 (Left to Right)
Sue DiNapoli - Unidentified - Lori Niemiec - Karen Herrick - Amy Messer
Row 2 (Left to Right)
Debbie Nogni - Carolyn Anton - Unidentified - Unidentified
Row 3 (Left to Right)
Fran Roemer - Elise Hartman - Helen Chun
Row 4 (Left to Right)
Allison Carroll - Unidentified
Top Row
Mariellen Alesso




Photo Courtesy of ?


Left to Right (band members included)

Dan Zettler ('88) - Chrissie Viccaro ('88) - Stacey Archibald ('88) - Lisa Kimball ('88) - Mary Ann Sacco ('89) - Craig Burrow ('88)


Colleen Devine - refreshment provider with green jug 

















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Spartan Football




Historic Programs

Below are copies of  programs that were sold for $0.15.  That was back in the day when data was committed to paper.  Many thanks to Beverly Shell and Betty Wedemeyer (Class of '60) for their presence of mind to save and preserve these relics.    I've include the cover pages as photos.  If you click below the photo of each program, you can view the entire program.





East Paterson




Ft. Lee




Bergen Catholic










Pascack Valley



Cliffside Park









Northern Valley

October 15, 1960

Paramus 0 - Northern Valley 24




Ramapo Regional

October 29, 1960

Paramus 7 - Ramapo 26




September 30, 1961

Paramus 7 - Englewood 20

September 30, 1961

Paramus 21 - East Paterson 0

October 7, 1961

Paramus 26 - Bergen Catholic 6


October 14, 1961

Paramus 7 - Ramapo 6







October 28, 1961

Paramus 12 - Mahwah 14

November 11, 1961

Paramus 33 - Cliffside Park 6

November 23, 1961

Paramus 28 - Lodi 6

October 3, 1964

Paramus 42 - Cliffside Park 0



October 16, 1965

Paramus 18 - Hackensack 7




September 24, 1966

Paramus 14 - Essex Catholic 0






October 8, 1966

Paramus 14 - Teaneck 0





October 15, 1966

Paramus 26 - Hackensack 6














November 12, 1966

Paramus 20 - Fairlawn 21



September 26, 1982

Paramus 7 - Don Bosco 6




The 1950's



Paramus High School Football Team

Farview School



Photo Courtesy of Joe Muklevicz (Class of '61)


Front Row
Ron Mastrolia - Yves Veenstra - Stan Bauer - Web Gould - Billy Henderson - Ron Bibbo - Bob Baron - Marty Kocse - Lou Policastri - Ed Citro - Coach Grasso.
Middle Row
Gary Schumacher - Pat Sepulveres - Partially Blocked ?Phil Krug -  Link White - Al Gallo - Mike Berland - ? - ? - ? - ? (street clothes) - Bill Davenport - (small kid in street clothes) ?
Back Row
? ? - ? - (Gary Edwards ?) - ? - ? - ?- Greg Harrison - ? - Buddy Peszko - Roy Binder - Joe Muklevicz - George Vlasits - Bob Woardell




Classs of 1962

Freshman Football Team


Photo Courtesy of "Capt." Sal Rotolo - Class of '62


Kneeling in Street Clothes

Frank Garafolo

Front Row (left to right)

(1) - Dave Morchauser, (2) - John Gargano, (3) Alan Pavaglinti, (4) - Bob Gerometta, (5) - Paul Tashian, (6) - Billy Monti, (7) - Larry Lazar, (8) - George Downs, (9) - Bill "Moon" Calcaterra

Middle Row (left to right)

(1) - Larry Dunn, (2) - Neil Robertson, (3) Joe Oranchak, (4) - Rich Goering, (5) - John Schneider, (6) - George Scott, (7) - Eddie Moran, (8) - Sal Rotolo, (9) - Bob Woardell, (10) - Steve "The Toe" Hurwitz

Standing (left to right

(1) - Coach Vince Nardo, (2) - Jeff Rakowski, (3) Julian Nadler, (4) - Al "Doby" Dobritch, (5) - Pete Sabella, (6) - Doug Rapone, (7) -  Ron "The Animal" Manning, , (8) - Jack Knowles, (9) - Jim Shenkberger, (10) - Ira "Buddy" Demarest, (11) - Burt Augustensen, (12) - Glen Yachechak, (13) - Coach Charlie Brown 




1959 Football Spartans


The First Varsity Team




The Battle for Starting QB


Turned Out to Be Stan















The First Game...


The First Touchdown (Lou Policastri)



First Game Highlights

On October 3, 1959, Paramus played its first varsity game against East Paterson (now Elmwood Park), and came away with an 18-6 win.  Lou Policastri scored Paramus' first touchdown, a little known or recorded fact.  Many great teams and players followed, but it all started with:

  • Stan Bauer
  • Richie Mezzatesta
  • Gordy Russell
  • Lou Policastri
  • Cliff Gennarelli
  • George Vlasits
  • Billy Henderson
  • Joe Muklevicz
  • Al Maguire
  • Marty Kosce
  • Gary Edwards
  • Ed Citro
  • Ken Kolley
  • Ronnie Bibbo
  • Yves Veenstra
  • Web Gould
  • Lou Policastri
  • Phil Krug
  • Dwight Galda
  • Ed Wyman





Paramus vs. Ft. Lee

October 10, 1959




 The Last Game

Thanksgiving Day

Lodi - 1959


Photo Courtesy of Joe Muklevicz (Class of '61)


Front Row
Bob Woardell ('62)  - Gordy Russell - Joe Muklevicz - Ed Citro - Lou Policastri
Back Row
Al Perry - Ron Bibbo - Gary Carpenter



1959 Freshmen Football Champions





The 1960's






1960 Varsity Football Spartans



The first team of the 60's decade lost virtually all of the previous season's starters to graduation.  John Bouranel was a talented but inexperienced sophomore quarterback thrust into a starting role.  Pat Sepulveres and Fred Wegehaupt both gave away at least 6'' to every opposing interior lineman.  For some inexplicable reason, Gary Carpenter was moved from end to the backfield where he took a pounding through most of the season.  Captain Joe Muklevicz (center) was the only returning starter.

They started out started out with a 12 - 6 win against East Paterson, but that would be their only win of the season. 

While they did not have a winning season, without exception they never gave up.  They played every game, and every down as if the State Championship was on the line.  It may be difficult for those of you who never played sports, in particular TEAM sports, to understand that a season like the 1960 season is what builds character and helps get you through life's many challenges.





The Coaches


The Players






Left to Right)

John Bouranel (#14) - Pat Sepulveres (#76) - Captain Joe Muklevicz (#52)



Below is a rare photo op of departing seniors. 


Thanksgiving Day Game - Lodi



Left to Right)

Tony DiMaria - Joe Muklevicz - Gary Carpenter




Click on the link(s) below you can watch this last game of the 1960 season. 



Paramus vs Lodi - Thanksgiving 1960 - Part 1


Paramus vs Lodi - Thanksgiving 1960 - Part 2



1960 was the last freshmen football season of the decade.   Below are two rare photos; the team photo, and a post-game shot after beating Englewood in the season finale.  Like the previous year's freshmen football team, this team also won the championship.


1960 Freshmen Football Spartans




The Last Freshmen Game


Dwight Morrow Field - Englewood



Front Row (L-R)

Jeff Runz - Bruce St. Thomas - Rich Trinchieri - Jimmy McManus - Rich Petouvis - Frank Rulli - Ron Cheslock - Howie Kirker - Frank Sepulveres - Jacl Maltagliati - Kenny Tashian


Standing (L-R)

Lance Monowicki - Andy Dunn - Jerry Fisher - Bill D'Emilio - John Schumacher - ? - Dennis Kocse - Frank Stock - Ira Goldberg - Howie Behnke - Joe Incandela - Chuck Hlawatsch - Bob Cortese - Gerry Giampetruzzi 









1961 Football Spartans

Coach Bill Peck



First Row (L-R)

Dave Morschauser ('62) - Glen Yachechak ('62) - Mike Capitman ('63) - John Bouranel ('63) - Al Kuebler ('63) - Bob Woardell ('62)  - Sal Rotolo ('62) - Paul Tashian ('62) - Jim "Skidsey" Carpenter ('63) - Dave "Bull Dog" Turner ('63) - Ron Manning ('62) - Tom Schaefer ('62) - Burt Augustensen ('62)


Middle Row (L-R)

Jerry Giampetruzzi ('94) - Ralph Fioretti ('63) - Howie Behnke ('64) - Bob "Moose" Cortese ('64) - Frank Rulli ('64) - Jeff Zayas ('63) - Billy Comp ('63) - Richie Trinchieri ('64) -  Frank Wojno ('63) - Bob Reme ('64) - Dave Landau ('63) - Coach John De Gasperis - Coach Bill Peck


Back Row (L-R)

Steve "The Toe" Hurwitz ('62) - Jimmy Haugh ('63) - Joe Basil ('63) - Pete Kesslar ('63) - Jimmy Albro ('62) - Al Tundel ('63) - Paul Kutniewski ('63) - Dan Zelanka ('62) - Bill Peterson ('63) - John Compagnone ('62) - Bob Gerometta ('62) Larry Dunn ('62)




Preseason Prospects




Practice Warm-ups



Left to Right     (I could use some help with this one)

(#53) ? - (#72) Jeff Zayas - (#83) ? - (#32 white jersey) Kenny Tashian - (#32) Al Kuebler - (#87 Tom Schaefer) (#85) Bill Comp - (#82) Ralph Fioretti - (#81) Dave Landau - (#62) ? - (#80) ? - (#14) John Bouranel - (#63) Bob Woardell - (#74) Mike Capitman



Paramus vs. ?



Left to Right

(#32) Al Kuebler - (#14) John Bouranel - (#63) Bob Woardell




Thanksgiving Day


The Last Game of the 1961 Season



Left to Right

Coach Charlie Brown - (#72) Ron Manning - "Pops" Tashian - Coach John De Gasperis - Coach Pete LaBarbiera




Thanksgiving Day


(Football Seniors Last Game)



Kneeling (L-R)

Glen Yachechak - Steve "The Toe" Hurwitz - Paul Tashian - John Comp - Bob Gerometta - Dave Morschauser 

Standing (L-R)

Burt Augustensen - Bob Woardell - Sal "Captain" Rotolo - Dan Zelanka - Jim Albro




Thanksgiving Day Game - We Won!



Shaking Hands

Paul Tashian and Glen Yachechak

Standing on Ground (left to right)

Bob Reme, Rich Trinchiere, Bob Woardell, Ron Manning, Dave Morchauser, Sal Rotola, Bob Gerometta, Dave Landau, Frank Wojno, Al Tundel, Steve "The Toe" Hurwitz, Ralph Fioretti.

Standing on Bench (Left to Right)

Dan Zelanka, Bill Comp, John Comp, ?, Joe Basil, John Bouranel, Butch "Bull Dog" Turner, Joe Kutniewski, Al Kuebler, Pete Kesslar, and Jimmy "Skidsey" Carpenter  




1962 Paramus Recreation Team



Top Row - Coach Vinnie Belluzzi, Artie Knight, Bobby DiMaria, Glen Morschauser, Stu Clark, Chris Carroll, Roger Franklin, Pete Matura, Mike Danylchuk, Larry DeLorenzo, Martin "Skippy" Zirk, Coach John Feista.

Second Row - Coach Bernie Garris, Ricky Bell, Glen Besserer, Cliff Zanka, Unknown, Bill "Willie" Nutland, Joe Miceli, Jim Loughran, Steve Rog, George Williams, Simon "Butch" Small, Coach Attenboro???

Bottom Row - Fred Maloney, Al Sanzari, Larry Brady, Rick King, Steve Petriella, George Malloy, Rich Weigman, Gary Bernstien, Chuck "Black Bart" Bartolomeo.




1962 Season



Bergen Evening Record

March 4, 1963


1962-63 was quite the year for Spartan sports, having won State, County and/or NNJIL Championship in almost every sport.  The caricature of a Spartan drawn by Charlie McGill, a Bergen Evening Record sportswriter is a fairly accurate depiction of just how powerful those 1960's teams were.  The combined talent of the classes of 1963, 64 and 65 was for the lack of a better word...awesome.

What's missing from this illustration are the championships won by our baseball team (NNJIL Champions) and the first undefeated season posted by the Spartan track team.  1962-63 may very well be the best sports year in the history of Paramus High School, capped by the State Championship basketball game played at the Atlantic City Convention Hall.






1962 Football Spartans




The Preseason Predictions







Paramus Declared State Champions





Post Season NNJIL Honors


First Team

* Jerry Giampetruzzi - End

* John Bouranel - Quarterback


Second Team

* Jimmy Carpenter - Guard

* Mike Capitman - Tackle


Honorable Mention

* Bob Cortese - Back

* Al Kuebler - Back

* Dave Landau - End






Hall of Fame Induction


November 2011



Kneeling (left to right)

Coach John De Gasperis - Coach Charlie Brown - Frank Wojno ('63) - Howie Behnke ('64)

Middle Row (left to right)

Mike Capitman ('63) - Jimmy "Skidsey" Carpenter ('63) - Ron Cheslock ('64) - Al Kuebler ('63) - Jack Maltagliati ('64) - Pete Kesslar ('63) - Jim Robinson ('63) - Don Sanns ('63)

Back Row (left to right)

Ira Goldberg ('64) - Jeff Zayas ('63) - Joe Kutniewski ('64) - Bob Reme ('64) - Rich Petouvis ('64) - Jeff Runz ('64) - Bob Cortese ('64) - Jerry Giampetruzzi




1963 Season




1963 Football Spartans




Preseason Expectations





















September 21, 1963

Paramus 20 - Englewood 6










Jeff Runz Catches One for a First Down!










Left to Right

#16 - Howie Behnke, #52 - Ron Cheslock, #21 - Lou Bivona, #84 - Jerry Giampetruzzi



October 6, 1963

Paramus 6 - Hackensack 19

















October 19, 1963

Ridgewood 19 - Paramus 0















October 26, 1963

Paramus 6 - Cliffside Park 0



The team rebounded from the previous week's loss to Ridgewood by shutting out previously unbeaten Cliffside Park.  It was a close one, with several players making key contributions.  In the end, it was Bobby Luckow's lone score that made the difference.






November 2, 1963 

Paramus 27 - Rutherford 0



This game clearly marked the changing of the guard, with Bobby Luckow filling in for Bob "Moose" Cortese ('64), and Frank Cortazzo ('65) taking on the role of starting quarterback for injured for Howie Behnke ('64).   Why Bobby Luckow earned the nickname "Baby Bull" was self-evident.  The sports writer, Frank Silvestri, wrote that Bobby "bowled over" two defenders on one play, but it was more than that.  Those who aw that play probably thought to themselves, "Ouch!"


Almost everyone made contributions to that victory, but one play in particular stands out in my mind.  It was Frank Rulli's ('64) heads-up and unselfish lateral to Vic, not "Vince" Canzani ('65) after an interception that Vic took all the way to the end zone.  Frank was a talented lineman, but lacked great speed.  Giving the ball to someone with a better chance of scoring is what teamwork is all about.  Great stuff.



















November 9, 1963

Paramus 13 - Fair Lawn 6
























November 30, 1963

Paramus 6 - Bergenfield 0



This game was for the Fire Bucket, at that time the beginning of a tradition that would last for decades.  It was to be played on Thanksgiving Day, but the nation was in mourning over the death of President Kennedy.  Those of us old enough to remember will never forget where we were on that Friday afternoon, and the affect it would have on us for the rest of our lives. 




















1963 Spartan Football Seniors


Photo Courtesy of Ron Cheslock 


Linemen (L-R)

Jerry Giampetruzzi, Bob Reme, Frank Rulli, Ron Cheslock, Howie Kirker, Joe Kutniewski, and Jeff Runz 

Leaping - (L-R)

Bob Cortese, Howie Behnke, and Richie Trinchieri





1964 Season




The Season Begins







September 27, 1964

Paramus 27 - Don Bosco 2









Pat Velluchi Makes Key Play






Bob Luckow's Big Day













October 3, 1964

Paramus 42 - Cliffside Park 0











Another Big Day for Bobby Luckow










October 10, 1964

Paramus 14 - Ridgewood 6










The Pre-game Hype


The sports writer covering this game must have been from Ridgewood.   OK, I'll give in to the fact that Jack Stroker was a talented athlete, and quite possibly a better passer.  What Jack didn't possess was the leadership skills that Frank brought to the party.  After all, football is a team sport.

His comparison of Chuck "Aussie" Evans (I think he was one in the same?) to Bobby Luckow is like comparing Joe Frazier to Roberto Duran.  Both were great fighters, but in different classes.  Bobby might have been nipped by Evans in a 20-yard contest, but after that, it would have been all Bobby Luckow.  Many times I have gone on record and said that I was at Westbrook that day when he ran a 10 flat 100 as a freshman.  It's one of those memories that stays with you until the lights go out.  









The Game 








A Big Score by Mike Needham



















October 14, 1964

Hackensack 25 - Paramus 7

















November 7, 1964


Paramus 27 - Bergen Catholic 6































November 14, 1964


Teaneck 14 - Paramus 7











Frank Cortazzo tries to elude pursuit







The Sequence









November 21, 1964


Paramus 20 - Englewood 7











































November 26, 1964


Paramus 7 - Bergenfield 7








1965 Season





1965 Football Spartans





Paramus 18 - Hackensack 7


October 16, 1965


The game program comes to us courtesy of Mike Danylchuk ('67).  Below are his memories of that day in Hackensack.



This was my junior year.  My brother Bob was the starting wing back in our winged T offense.  Hall of Fame guard/linebacker John Favaro and my best friend Hall of famer halfback, Glen Morschauser, were also on the team. 

My recollection is not completely clear.  I can recall some facts but wish someone could add more.  There were many heros that day.  I was the starting safety on defense and back up quarterback to senior, Bruce Adamski. The defense really set the tone for the game by holding Hackensack's powerful offense to one touchdown.  

Bruce played an amazing game and was instrumental in throwing 2 touchdown passes,  I believe my brother Bob caught one and Glen ran for another and gained many yards.  But Bruce kept the offense on the field with some great passes.  

Then tragedy struck. Bruce took a terrible hit in the 3rd quarter with the score 12-6.  But he still somehow threw another touchdown pass.  Soon after he was removed from the game because he was apparantly saying odd things in the huddle and could not remember the plays. 

I had to take over as quarterback for nearly 2 quarters.  I was no Bruce Adamski but the coaches managed the game well and we controlled the ball with a balanced attack and several naked bootlegs while they were keying on Glen and our defense kept them from scoring.  

It was a welcome victory and Bruce missed the next game with a concussion.  Although we didn't score again.  The coaches were really great to me for holding the offense together.  They were so high for being first Spartan team to beat Hackensack in football.  Next year, senior year for Glen and I as Co-Captains we beat them again.

If there is anyway you can check the facts that would be great.


Best Regards,


















Paramus Recreation League

Fall - 1966



Photo Courtesy of Bill Lev ('73)


First Row (L-R)

Jack D'Ambrosio (#74) - Unknown (#16) - Ernie Rath (#10) - Steve Jericek (#54) - Jeff Pappalardo (#20) - Bill Reilly (#14) - John Cooney (#19?) - Walter Regno (#71)

Second Row (L-R)

Unknown (#14) - S O'Connor (#18) - Unknown (#??) - Unknown (#16) - Rob Riener (#11) - Ron Marulli (#17) - Gary Pappalardo (#??) - Rich Lundsten (#12) - Mike Esposito (#15) - Rod Berkins (#70) -  R. D'Arcy (#18) - Unknown (#57) - Kevin Horner (#66)

Third Row (L-R)

John Fasolino (#56) - Dave Robertson (#84) - Unknown - partial view (#?) - Jimmy Fisher (#73) - Unknown - partial view (#??) - Dan Rinaldi (#58) - Unknown - partial view  (#??) - Richie Cline (#72) - Unknown - partial view (#??) - Bill Lev (#68) - Unknown (#19) - Keith Manalio (#77) - Jim D' uva ( #?4) - John Cabrera (#67) - Jimmy Miehe (#80) - Buddy Garlasco (#88?) - Unknown (#88) - Tom Flaherty (#65) - Tommy Post (#69)

Back Row (L-R)

Coach Webb Gould - Coach Bill Lundsten - Coach Joe Pappalardo - Coach Jim Post




1966 Football Spartans



The 1966 Season Begins


This season marked the beginning of a departure from a pure NNJIL schedule to first time encounters with schools beyond Bergen County.  It was also the beginning of catholic schools once considered walkovers being transformed into athletic powerhouses.  Money and national recruiting efforts would soon turn local catholic school teams like Don Bosco into nationally ranked teams alongside De La Salle of Concord, CA who traveled across the nation for eight years without losing a game for a 152 game winning streak.   


Like Paramus, Essex Catholic opened their doors in 1957 in Newark, NJ.  While they were not a football powerhouse out of the gate, they were a perennial threat on the baseball diamond (1966 state champions) and on the track (1966 state champions).  Marty Liquori ('67) was the first high schooler to break the 4 minute mile, and Rick Cerone ('70) went on to greatness for +15 years as a MLB catcher.  Enough about Essex Catholic.





Paramus 14 - Essex Catholic 0

September 24, 966




Junior Chris Carazo Debuts at Starting Quarterback



If there was a quarterback controversy at the start of the season, all doubt was erased after Chris completed 15 of 18 attempts for a 159 yard performance and a 14 - 0 win. 








Glen Morchauser Stars

Glen Morchauser thrilled the home team fans by rushing for 81 yards, catching five passes, intercepting two passes, and scoring the team's only offensive touchdown.  For good measure, he also kicked both extra points.  Not a bad performance that would be repeated throughout his career at Paramus High.


Glen Morchauser #21 - one of two picks


Glen Morchauser #21 - pick #2







Parting Shots


Chris Carrol



Bob Moffitt



Bert Bonavita



Paramus 0 - Cliffside Park 13

October 1, 1966



Wow!  This was a shocker!

Glenn Morchauser was held to 54 yards rushing, Chris Carazo completed but 5 passes out of 19 attempts, and was intercepted three times.  A couple of bobbled balls and a fumble and that's all it took.

Despite this unexpected loss, the Spartans would rebound the following week ans shut out Teaneck.  Story to follow.






Paramus 14 - Teaneck 0

October 8, 1966




Mike Danylchuk "Shines" - Chris Carazo Throws and Runs - Glen Morchauser Stars  


This week the Paramus Spartans rebounded from the previous week's upset loss to Cliffside Park as Chris Carazo, Glen Morchauser, Co-Captain Mike Danylchuk, and Joe Miceli all contributed to a 14 point second half after a scoreless first half.

Teaneck's defense keyed on Glen Morchauser, Paramus' star running back, throughout the first half.  A change in second half strategy to use Glen as a decoy opened up lanes for Mike Danylchuk who ripped off gains totaling 36 yards. 

Chris Carazo had an excellent day passing throwing 10 passes for 136 yards and one touchdown.  Chris ran for another score that unfortunately was nullified by a penalty.

Noteworthy plays were Mike Danylchuk's interception in the end zone that thwarted a Teaneck scoring threat, and Glen Morchauser's exceptional day punting that put Teaneck deep into its own territory on several possessions.  One of Morchauser's punts landed on Teaneck's 4 yard line, another at the 1-foot line, and another traveled for 75 yards!  If you don't know much about football, let me tell you that all three boots were incredible feats.  







Glen Morchauser gains 21 yards after catching a swing pass for Chris Corazo



Mike Danylchuk intercepts a Teaneck sure score in the endzone






Paramus 21 - Passaic Valley 10

October 22, 1966












Paramus 0 - Englewood 20

October 29, 1966


Not a great day for Paramus.  Despite three interceptions, and a hard fought game, Paramus just couldn't get it going.  The article below that appeared in Monday's Bergen Evening Record was void of highlights, a rare occurrence. 






Paramus 35 - Ridgewood 6

November 5, 1966






Paramus played well on both offense and defense, handing Ridgewood its worse loss of the season.  The Chris - Chris combination produced 168 yards in the air, with Chris Carazo completing 9 of 22 passes.  Chris Carroll caught two of those passes for touchdowns, and added a third score early in the game after intercepting a Ridgewood pass and running it back 40 yards.  Not a bad day!

The defensive line starring juniors Barry Scholomann and Rich Triosi held Ridgewood to only 9 yards rushing.  Linebackers Joe Miceli and Doug Werner had a stellar game shutting down any running threat that penetrated the Spartan line.

Joe Miceli and Tommy Brock dashed whatever hopes Ridgewood had of making this a game, each recovering fumbles a key points in the contest. 












Paramus 20 - Fairlawn 21

November 12, 1966




Game Highlights

Fairlawn had not lost a game in the previous three years.  The crowd was one of the largest in Northern New Jersey Interscholastic League history.  A win for Fairlawn would have locked up the N.N.J.I.L. Championship.  Fairlawn had one of the best running backs in the nation in Bruce Jankowski who went on to greatness at Ohio State, and the NFL Kansas City Chiefs.

Paramus came into this game a huge underdog.  They walked off the field at halftime with a 14 - 0 lead.  The game came down to a missed extra point after Paramus marched the ball 96 yards down the field in only 4 plays.   The Spartans regular kicker Glen Morschauser was injured after an unsportsmanlike conduct against Fairlawn and was unable kick the extra point which would have made the game no less than a tie.  Yes, it's only a game, but it's one of those things you remember for a lifetime.  This I know from personal experience.

It was another stellar performance by Chris Carazo and who threw several passes to his favorite receiver Chris Carroll, one of them for a 14 yard TD.  Art Knight caught one for a 13-yarder, and Ricky Holdt displayed his talent beyond the basketball court by drawing the attention of Fairlawn's defensive backfield all afternoon.  He hauled in a 24-yard strike from Carazo for another score.

While the offense played true to form, the defense is what made this game not just close, but winnable.  Jankowski was held in check throughout the first half, leaving the Cutters scoreless as they headed for the locker-room at halftime.  Joe Miceli, a talented running back, starred on defense.  In the words of Assistant Sports Editor John Ryan, "There must be a lot of bruises on the Cutter carriers' bodies today, and many of them were out there by the savage tackling of Joe Miceli, who was all over the field for Paramus.




Phil Rotolo #32

Bert Bonavita #82


Chris Carazo #19 with Phil Rotolo #32 protecting


Ricky Hold on the receiving end of a Chris Carazo pass



Tom Brock #20 in pursuit




Glen Morschauser #21 runs interference for Phil Rotolo #32







Paramus 19 - Bergenfield 6

November 24, 1966


Game Highlights

It was another sterling performance by Chris Carazo, hitting his favorite target Chris Carroll for long gains to maintain possession and for 6-yard strike.  On this day, sophomore Ricky Holdt got in on the action and was on the receiving end of a 15-yard pass from Carroll for the third TD of the game.

Paramus' displayed a punishing running game, atypical of sweeps and end-around plays run by Glen Morchauser for long gains throughout the season.  Instead, it was Mike Danylchuk, Joe Miceli, and Phil Rotolo who ground out short yardage that wore down Bergenfield's defense.  Mike Danylchuk had a great game with a key interception, and scored on a 5-yard pitchout after bulling his way over three would-be tacklers.

Honorable goes to Rich Troisi, a monster of a lineman, for holding his own on the defensive line, and thwarting any real Bergenfield offensive threat.  Paramus' bench played critical roles in filling in for injured starters.  Backup Art Knight hauled in passes from Carazo, junior Joe "Jody" Fragala made his presence known to Bergenfield running backs, and junior Neil Katine kicked a PAT following a Carazo to Carroll TD pass.

















Post Season Honors


No big surprise that  more Paramus players were named to the 1966 Sunday Post All-Star team.  Some players were virtually "automatic" given the press they received throughout the season.  Less heralded played, the guys up front who never scored a touchdown, or had their picture taken incepting a pass received their just due in the post season polls.  Dave Carlson and Barry Schlomann were the guys who opened those holes for Glen Morschauser, Mike Danylchuk, and Joe Miceli.


The Offense



  • Glen Morschauser - Was there ever any doubt.  Played hurt and still racked up impressive statistics.  Worthy of mention yet overlooked were his thunderous punts that left opposing teams deep in their own territory.  One punt traveled 60 yards that left not only players on both sides of the field stunned, but Coach De Gasperis had to shake his head in amazement.



  • Chris Carroll - Another Shoo-in.  All season they said he was "lanky," lacked speed, but was Chris Carazo's most trusted receiver and always came through in a pinch.  A clutch player.  Chris reminds me of the other Chris, Cris Collingsworth of the Cincinnati Bengals.  Similar is stature, style, hands, and the ability to get open.  One big difference is that our Chris played defense as well.



  • Dave Carlson - One of those guys who made it possible for the offense to shine.



  • Barry Schlomann - He didn't get much ink from me or the press this year, but he delivered.  Another one of the guys who contributed in meaningful way on both sides of the line.



The Defense


  • Rich Troisi - Big, fast, and strong.  Throw in love for the game and a winning attitude, you've got the makings of an All-Star in any league.  Too bad the rest of what the press had to say wasn't available.




  • Joe Miceli - Joe was the starting  fullback, a hard running back who didn't fumble.  If it weren't for Morschauser and Danylchuk, he might have been the one who grabbed the headlines.  On defense, Joe was always in the thick of things.  Fumble recoveries, interceptions, and key tackles were Joe's trademark.  He reminded me of Ronnie Lott who sacrificed his body to make a play. 



1967 Season




1967 Football Spartans




Paramus vs. Wayne Valley
November 18, 1967
Photo Courtesy of ?

Left to Right

Joe Miceli #35 ('68) - Chris Carroll #80 ('68)








1968 Football Spartans





1969 Season


NNJIL Co-champions!




1969 Football Spartans







Bergenfield Post Game Celebration



Left to Right)

Frank Bartucelli - Coach Al Corso - Lenny Fariello 





1969 Post Season Honors




All Bergen




First Team

Frank Bartucelli - Offensive Tackle (#75 in photo)

Lenny Fariello - Defensive Tackle (#70 in photo)

Dave Reicher - Defensive Back (#61 in photo)


Second Team

Joey Leicht - Defensive Tackle




All Bergen Dinner




(Left to Right)  - Lenny Fariello - Coach John De Gasperis - Frank Bartucelli



All Suburban



All-Suburban Offense

Ray Rulli - Quarterback

Al Favero - Running Back

All-Suburban Defense

Len Fariello

Joey Leicht

Frank Bartucelli

Dave Reicher

Honorable Mention

Tom Kuprian

Bob Rucker

Rich Jacobs


The Season

(7 - 2)



Won 20 - 6







Passaic Valley

Lost 21 - 8








Won 21 - 6







Won 13 - 0






Fair Lawn

Won 28 - 8







Wayne Valley

Won 27 - 14










Won 33 - 21




Bergen Catholic

Lost 6 - 0






Won 41 - 6





The 1970's


1973 Season


Paramus 0 - Ridgewood 20 


Left to Right
Coach Mike Sullivan - Coach John DeGasparis - Team Captain Mike McCormick 



Paramus 6 - Passaic Valley 14


Photo Courtesy of Stan Cohen ('74)


Team Captain Mike McCormick




1974 Season


The Kenny Maxwell Era


PARAMUS — Friendships forged between high school football players, along with the shared memories of gridiron glory, live long after their playing days are over.  And in the special case of two Paramus teammates extend even beyond the grave.

Ken Maxwell was a speedy and powerful running back on the Spartans' 1974 team. Steve Kovach was the team captain and offensive pulling guard who paved the way for him.

"We grew up together," Kovach said.   "We met in kindergarten and were classmates all through elementary and high school."

Growing up, they played on the same team in the Paramus Recreational Football League. When they got to high school, both made the varsity team and moved up to starting roles in their junior year.

Maxwell's season, however, was cut short by a leg injury suffered midway through the campaign.

He returned in his senior year, eager to make up for the lost time.  The Spartans dropped close games to Teaneck and Garfield at the start of the 1974 season.  Maxwell got off to a good start rushing for over 100 yards in both games but blamed himself for the losses.

He felt that he could make a greater contribution to the team effort if he got the opportunity to run with the ball more often.  He was a record-setting sprinter on the Paramus track team.

Maxwell went to then coach John DeGasperis, the winningest football coach in Paramus history, and asked to be allowed to put his running speed to greater advantage.

The coach granted his wish, making some offensive adjustments that shifted the Spartans' thrust from power plays to more quick pitches and reverses that sprung Maxwell for outside runs.  The move vastly improved the team's performance, and Paramus won four of its next six games.

In the next to last game of the season, the Spartans faced Wayne Valley, and Maxwell went on a rampage.  He gained 210 yards on 26 carries, giving him 1,080 for the season and making him the first Paramus runner to go over the 1,000-yard mark in a single season.  He scored four touchdowns and added a two-point conversion in the 33-0 win.  His performance earned him The Record's Athlete of the Week recognition, the first Paramus football player so honored.

"Going into that game, Ken and I both knew he had a shot at the 1,000 yards," Kovach recalled.  "I told him I would help him get it if I had to block every Wayne Valley player on the field."

The following week, Paramus met undefeated Bergenfield in the season-ending annual Thanksgiving Day game.  It was a memorable defensive struggle, with the Bears shutting down Maxwell and the Spartans' defense holding Bergenfield in check.

With Paramus trailing, 6-0, Maxwell returned the second-half kickoff 80 yards and then ran for a touchdown.  Mike Brown kicked the extra point to give Paramus a 7-6 upset win.  "The game was absolutely superb and the most exciting I ever coached," coach DeGasperis said.

Maxwell added to his rushing total and finished the season with a school record 1,101 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Amazingly, his record stood for 36 years before being shattered this year by quarterback John Robertson, who rushed for 2,023 yards on 214 carries and scored 28 touchdowns.  He rewrote the Paramus record book in a number of other categories.

Maxwell died in 1990 at the age of 33.

A 40-year history of Paramus football, compiled and published in 1998, made no mention of Maxwell's record and erroneously credited another player as the rushing record holder. The error was spotted by Kovach and brought to the writer's attention.

"I regarded it as an insult to Ken, and since he was not alive to defend himself, I felt it was my duty to set the record straight," Kovach said.

He also notified Maxwell's sister, Diane Wagner, a Paramus resident and PHS graduate. She, too, was surprised by the omission oversight. Diane accompanied her father to all of Ken's games, and her dad kept a scrapbook containing newspaper clippings that chronicled every game. "That book brings back such wonderful memories," she said.

Over the years, the once respected and proud Paramus football program sunk, including 22 years without a winning season. Ken Maxwell and his rushing record were all but forgotten, as no player posed a serious threat to breaking his record.

That changed in the past decade, as each season, there has been a running back who appeared headed for a new record which evoked the memory of Ken Maxwell. The contenders included Rocco Rinaldi (905 yards), Jon Rizzitello (994 yards), Mike Mordaga (1,043 yards) and, of course, Robertson (2,023).

Kovach, ever the loyal teammate, kept tabs on the threatening assaults, checking the individual stats after every game.

"I know it wasn't realistic, but I really did not want to see anyone break Ken's record," Kovach said. "John Robertson is a great player and deserves the record. I'm proud to have met him, but I never thought a quarterback would be the one to break Ken's record."

Ken's sister did not want to see the record broken either. "But I knew it was inevitable, and I am happy that Robertson, a talented and dedicated player, was the one that got to do it," she said. Diane attends the Paramus games and has watched Robertson and the others make their run at her brother's record.

Both Kovach and Wagner got to meet and congratulate Robertson prior to the Ridgewood game on Thanksgiving Day.

Warren "Pops" Tashian was there, too. The 95-year-old loyal fan has been attending Paramus football games since the inception of the program in 1959 and got to see both Maxwell and Robertson play.

"They are two different type runners," Pops said. "Maxwell was a punishing, powerful runner with great speed who would just knock players over. Robertson has more finesse, is elusive with speed and has the whole deal."

Maxwell has been nominated for induction into the Paramus High School Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2011.

Robertson most certainly will be a nominee at some future date while still owning the rushing record which could possibly stand up throughout the century.




Comments from Lou Lanzalotto Jr.

I saw your note about Kenny and decided to write you about his senior season in 1974. We began 0-2 and then coach De Gasperis moved Tom Grbelja to QB. . .we went to Hackensack for game 3 and the Bergen Record said we would lose 26-0.  On the first play of the game we tossed the ball to Kenny as he ran the sweep incredibly well.  This time he stopped and threw the ball down the field for a huge gain and we went on to won 23-0.

He would gain over 1,000 yards in just 9 games.

In the final game at Bergenfield, in front of a packed house on Thanksgiving Day, we were down 6-0 at the half and they were 9-0.  We had a huge goal line stand right before the half led by our senior defensively line of Tom Carl, Bill Lavosky,Frank Gormely, and Evan Sotnick.

Coach said at half time he wanted to return the kick in the middle of the field because the field was frozen and they had a huge red bear on the 50 yard line and it was slick.  Kenny returned the kick 80 yards and scored a few plays later to tie it.  Mike brown kicked the extra point to make us win 7-6

Bergenfield won the state championship the following week, and went 10-1 for the year. We won 5 of our final 7 to go 5-4 on the year

Kenny was also a great sprinter on the track team for my dad.  He still holds the sprint medley school record along with Rich Rothschild.

I was fortunate to coach high school football in Tom's river and Freehold for 15 years.  I never coached or saw a back as big, strong, or fast as Kenny

He was a great team mate. . .very humble




Below is Charlie McGill's (Bergen Record) rendering of Kenny as the Bergen Record's Athlete of the Week.  Kenny was the first Paramus football player to receive this honor. 



The 1974 Preseason Outlook








September 28, 1974

Paramus 13 - Teaneck 15

Maxwell Runs for 102 Yards?





1974 Action Shots
Paramus vs. ?
Left to Right
#74 - Tom Carl, #87 - Evan Sotnek, #21 - Joe Navas, #46 Terry McShane, #77 Frank Gormeley, #8? - unidentified

Left to Right
#48 - Chris Krug, #77 - Frank Gormeley, #87 - Evan Sotnek

Left to Right
#71 - Bill Lavosky, #52 - Pete Lagomarsino, #39 - David Yellen, #12 - Mike Brown, #87 - Evan Sotnek

Left to Right
#87 - Evan Sotnek, #21 - Joe Navas

The 1980's


1981 Football Spartans
Photo Courtesy of Michael DeValue (Class of '82)
Kneeling (Left to Right)
Jim Hill (#64) - Joe Delaplain (#52) - Jim Schulz (#61) - Doug Cinnella (#21) - Billy Schultz (#82)
Standing (Left to Right)
Jim LaBarbiera (not in uniform) - Joe Mays (not in uniform) - Tony Savastano (# hidden) - Rob Guidetti (#65) - Ken "Chief" Ehrenberg (#8?) - Kevin Garlasco (#?4) - Frank Madeo (#?5) - Coach Bauer (former wrestling coach and a great guy!)

Action Shots - 1981
Paramus vs. Bergenfield?
They WON!
Photo Courtesy of Michael DeValue (Class of '82)

The Fireman's Bucket - A Time Honored Tradition
Photo Courtesy of Michael DeValue (Class of '82)
Standing (Left to Right)
Fireman Dave Giles - Coach Bauer - Unidentified Player - Fireman Steve Mehl (Angela's brother?)

Photo Courtesy of Michael DeValue (Class of '82)
Bill Schultz (#82) Making the Tackle
Ref could be "Pops" Tashian?

Photo Courtesy of Michael DeValue (Class of '82)
Rick Sharry - Quarterback
Joe Delaplain (#52)

Photo Courtesy of Michael DeValue (Class of '82)
Doug Cinnella (#21) - Kicking Field Goal
Frank Madeo (#10) - Holder 

Photo Courtesy of Michael DeValue (Class of '82)
Doug Cinnella - Ball carrier
Steve Sitek (#54)
Photo Courtesy of Michael DeValue (Class of '82)
Frank Madeo (#10)
Doug Cinnella (#21)

Photo Courtesy of Michael DeValue (Class of '82)
Bob Kren (#85)
Jim Schulz (#61)
Bill Schultz (#82)
Brendan Winters ? (#42)

Photo Courtesy of Michael DeValue (Class of '82)
Bill Schultz (#82)
Unidentified (#70)
Bob Kren (#85)

Photo Courtesy of Michael DeValue (Class of '82)
Joe Delaplain (#52)
Kevin Garlasco (#24)
Steve Sitek (#54)




Class of 1987 Freshman Football Team
First Row (L-R)

Gary Grebla (#22) - Matt Ahne (#16) - Mike Katz (#54) - Tom Mays (#52) - Dean D'Ambrosi (#53) - Jim Loch (#20) - Mike Pavin (#10) - Duane McDonald (#21) - Howie Deas (#19) - Carl Sailor (#82)

Second Row (L-R)

George Jockish (#?) Mark Perez (#?) - John Sohl (#61) - Frank Sancillio (#63) - Jim Spano (#?) - UNKNOWN (#?) - Mike DeMarse (#?) - Chris Baille ? (#?)

Standing (L-R)

Coach Van Valen - Lloyd Mitchell (#73) - Joe Dugan (#77) - Darren Cuttito (#66) - Dan Winters (#67) - Adam Good (#70) - Tim Coyle (#35) - Tim Tobiason (#75) - Mike Hunczak (#30) - Coach Wayne Swarctz






1984 Football Spartans

First Row (L-R)

Mike Hennessy (#85) - Ray Guidetta (#14) - Dave Cocuzza (#76) - Rich Pierson (#89) - Brett Gennarelli (#20) - Rich LaBarbiera (#50) - George Heckel (#21) - Mike Mimmo (#32) - Sean Goodwin (#34) - Joe Warburton (#16) - Roy Bacci (#65) - Rich Chomg (#68)

Second Row (L-R)

Coach Sweeney - Coach Charlie Bauer - John Michael (#74) - Steve Taylor (#46) - Mike Teehan (#73) - Darren Mastrolia (#83) - Frank Ciambrone (#52) - Bill Cater (#82) - Mike Spector (?) - Manager Kathy Algozzini - Manager Mary Ellen Devine - Manager Louise Beauseigneur - Manager April Verirrian

Third Row (L-R)

Coach Van Valen - Tom Mays (#56) - John Lopez (#53) - Matt Ahne (#26) - George Hambel (#51) - Al Raucher (#31) - Jim Hornidge (#30) - Rob Binder (#33) - John Krupp (#66) - Bill Vella (#62) - Bryan Oxford (#75) - Greg Battafarano (#45) - Dean D'Ambrosia ( #43)

Fourth Row (L-R)

Coach Darragh - Gary Ploehn (#36) - Dan Winters (#67) - Mike Demarse (#79) - Michael Gomez (#?) - Adam Good (#77) - Dwayne MacDonald (#?) - Jai Sue (#2?) - Rob Coyle (#?) - Mike Pavin (#10) - Mike Servino (#?) - Barry Nowark (#64) - Coach Barnes 

Back Row (L-R)

Coach Swarctz - George Jockish (#88) - George Chimenti (#?) - Mike Hunczak (#25) - John Sohl (#?5) - (#?9) - (#?) - (#78) - (#?2)











1988 Football Spartans

First Row (L-R)

Scott Cotroneo (#4?) - Miguel Fontanez (#?) - Darren Camillo (#68?) - Sean O'Neil (#?) - Kevin Cherven (#?) - Byron Greco (#?) - Pete Lucchesi (#65) - Dave Battafrano (#?) - Glen Stickman (#64) - Rich Albro (#?) - Michael Sabino (#4?)

Second Row (L-R)

Rory Carnangian (#83) - Kenny Pavlinec (#86) - Ray Cruz (#25) - Scott Chimenti (#30) - Tom Kelly (#59) - Tom Cahill (#6) - Ray Ferraioli (#54) - Glen Colomeo (#44) - Chris Santoro (#76) - Alex Jankuilowski (#11) - Kurt Newman (#?7) - Don McNair (#27)

Third Row (L-R)

Chris Donoghue (#8?)  Manager Colleen Devive - Pat Warburton - John Heck - Coach Wayne Swarctz - Head Coach Bill Darragh - Coach Charlie Bauer - Coach Rich LaBarbiera - Coach Ken Van Valen - Keith McNail (#15) Manager Erin Weissman

Fourth Row (L-R)

Pete Carniniti (#8?)  - Jai Sue (#74) - Mike Clark (#39) - Dave Meyer (#55) - Rich Conte (#46) - Andy Roth (#?) - Tim Tabor (#21) - James Mullin (#34) Gaffney(#22) - Bill Bastian (#38) - Cid Wilson (#87)

Fifth Row (L-R)

Steve Williams (#66)  - Gregg Mettler (#7)  - Craig Lopata (#9) - Jason Glover (#20) - Scott Chervan (#31) - Sean Jones (#36) - Eric Wilcomes (#37) - Gary Moffitt (#85) - Dan Donofrio (#?3) - Dave Lindner (#?3) - Jeff Lesner (#7?) - Mike Hubner (#47)

Back Row (L-R)

Byran Barsa (#?)  - Mike Cramer (#19)  - Ryan Bopp (#2?) - Scott Jablonsky (#60) - Danny Tabor (#83) - Bill Schmidt (#61) - Bart Meyer (#63) - John D'Addetta (#10) - Edward Ludwig (#5?) - Alex Costino (#89) - Brian Hay (#12) - John Grabow (#?) - Eric McNamara (#8?)







1989 Football Spartans

The 1990's

1990 Season


First Row (L-R)

Coach Pete LaBarbiera - Eric McNamara (#88) - Tim Tabor (#21) - John Grabow (#44) - Mike Cramer (#56) - Joe Mancuso (#32)  - Steve Robertson (trainer)

Second Row (L-R)

Tom Kesoglou (#60) - Peter Amerio (#13) - Brian Cahill (#?) - Brian Sutera (#?) - Eric Wilcomes (#?) - Don Donofrio (#73) - Dan Tabor (#83)  - Ray Ferraioli (#54) -  Rory Camangian (#78) - Chris Donoghue (#70) - Coach Harbison

Third Row (L-R)

Coach Geragnty - Bryan Grico (#72) - Adam Fox (#?) - Glen Stickna (#?) - Keith McNair (#?) - Kevin Cherven (#40) - John Weber (#47) - Ed Ludwig (#76) - Tom Elashmawy (#?) - Ed Dilworth (#?) - Mike Mulligan (#?) - Brad Fazio (#?) - Mike Sabino ( #?)

Fourth Row (L-R)

Coach Wayne Swarctz - Coach Mable - Dave Battafarano (#5?) - Alex Jankalowski(#11?) - Anthony Lubician (#75) - Bobby Holmes (#65?) - Nick Galati (#20?) - John Mosca (#85) - Willaim Cheng (#30) - Rich Rydell (#80) - Rich Lambert (#84) - George Kanawati (#59) - Jason Evans ( #71) - Coach Charlie Bauer - Coach VanValen 

Back Row (L-R)

Dylan Debenedetto (#?) - Steve Horway (#86) - John Sweeney(#?) - Jonathan Barnes (#23) - Greg Caufield (#55) - Kurt Nordman (#48) - Sungil Hong (#94) - Tony Balestrieri (#?9) - Mike Buttino (#57) - Dave Marko (#49) - Joe Clambrone (#?4) - Tim Lobow ( #3) - Tom Donoghue (#?)



The 2000's

The real story for the 2000's is all about coaching.  Dan Sabella has brought the football Spartans to the playoffs every year for the past seven years.  Try not to hold the fact that he's from Bogota against him (just kidding).  He's highly regarded and well respected thoughout the league.  His record speaks for itself.  What more is there to say?


2011 Football Captains
Left to Right
Chris Durante - Coach Dan Sabella - Mike Bussanich

Paramus vs. Ridgewood
Joe Rizzitello caught 6 passes for 88 yards in a 42-13 loss to the Maroons


2012 Spartan Football Captains
Left to Right
Brandon Manosalvas - Matt Tozzi - Joey Binns - Coach Dan Sabella


2013 Football Spartans


Thanksgiving Game Against Ramapo
Pops Tashian - Coin Toss



Mayor Rich LaBarbiera - Pops Tashian - Coach Joe Cervino

2013 Spartan Football Seniors
Kneeling (L-R)
Richard Labarbiera - Matt Alpher 
Standing - (L-R)
Darius House - Dominic Smith - Brandon Sebahie


2014 Football Spartans

2014 Spartan Football Captains
Left to Right
Tyler Smith - Mike Mimmo - Steve Regalbuto - Stefan Stojanovic - Bryce Jacob

Parting Shots!
Tyler Smith


Chris Voorhis

42- 14 Win Over Northern Highlands
Derek DeLaCruz
Ran for 198 yards and scored three touchdowns

Brandon Sullivan


Bryce Jacob

Paramus Vs. Pascack Valley
December 6, 2014
Lost 22 - 6


2015 Season







Cross Country


Track and Field



Cross Country

Back in high school, football had it all; cheerleaders, color guard, twirlers, and Mr. Ryerson's award winning marching band.  It was a tough sport that required skill, practice, and conditioning, but cross country, one of the other Fall sports that few got to see perform required a conditioning beyond all other sports, i.e. no time outs and no substitutions.



This was the beginning.  A new school, a new coach, and time to build for the future while being competitive.  Jimmy Halliday, Bob Norring, and Joe (Joey to me) Mancuso led the team every week in that inaugural year.











Senior George Downs was usually in the lead, but always had juniors Craig Smith (part of the legendary Mile Relay team that won at the 1962 Penn relays), Ray "Firpo" Pompillio ( a great miler), Jim "Otis" O'Shea, and sophomore Phil Fontana who would win many races over the next two years, including his race for Class of 1964 President.





Ken Finlay was a perennial threat.  If you weren't 300 yards ahead of him in the final stage of the race, you had no chance.  He was a come from behind threat in every contest.  At the 1964 Track and Field County Championship at Northern Valley,  he sprinted past no less than five runners in the last 150 yards to take the title. 

Fred Hoogland ('65) was competitive in every race, always materializing at the finish line near or at the head of the pack.

This was the competition's first look at sophomores Steve Petouvis ('66), and Bill Jackob ('66).  Opposing teams soon realized that come Spring, Steve and Bill would be top contender distance runners on the track.  In Steve and Bill's senior year, the track team would go undefeated (10-0).  They were NNJIL Champions, County Champions, State Champions, Northern New Jersey Relay Champions, and Englewood Memorial Champions.


Kneeling (left to right)

Steve Petouvis ('66), Bob Grohman ('65), Bob Probst ('64), Kenny Finlay ('64), Phil Fontana ('64), Bill Jackob ('66), Fred Hoogland ('65)

Standing (left to right)

(1) - Bob Davidson ('64), (2) - ?, (3) - ?, (4) - John "Dizzy" Deane, (5) - ?, (6) - ?, (7) - Frank Stock, (8) - Coach Al De Filipio




Hackensack - October 1963

Kenny Finlay ('64), Phil Fontana ('64), Fred Hoogland ('65), Steve Petouvis ('66), and Bob Courtwright ('65) all ran their hearts out to beat previously undefeated Hackensack.  



Fairlawn - 1963






This was the year that Rich Rothschild broke onto the track and cross country scene.  Pops Tashian was always a good judge of talent.  He worked at the high school in 1972, and was active in all sports, especially track and field, a sport he competed in at the Masters Track Association well into his 80's. 

He called his son Kenny ('64) one day that year and started the conversation in typical fashion, "Hey Kid" followed by, "You won't believe how this kid can run.  He's a Phenom!"  He was speaking of Rich Rothschild, and everything Pops said he was, he was and then some.  This sophomore cross country season foretold of what was to be a stellar career in high school and college. 

His accomplishments were highlighted in a previous History of Track and Field Special that can be found in the "Sports History" section of this website.  At that time, his records included; 880 yards, one mile, two miles, Mile Relay, and Sprint Medley.   





A great year as Jim Garofola wins "Coach of the Year" honors.  





Track and Field



The Record Book


Updated on May 17, 2014



Boys Individual Events - Track Name Time/Mark Class/Year
100 Yards Rich Cirner ('65) 9.9 1965
100 Meters Henry Nochimson ('77) 11.3 1977
100 Meters Mike Bubois (could not be verified) 11.3 1981
100 Meters Cid Wilson ('89) 11.3 1989
220 Yards Al Dobritch ('62) 21.8 1962
200 Meters Len La Barre ('79) 23.8 1970
440 Yards Carmen Bailey ('76) 49.6 1975
400 Meters Joe Valazquez ('00) 48.12 1999
880 Yards Richard Rothschild ('75) 1:52.8 1975
800 Meters Dean DeRenzo ('80) 1:57.6 1979
1 Mile Richard Rothschild ('75) 4:17.9 1975
1 Mile Walk Todd Carlson ('82) 9:23.0 1979
2 Miles Richard Rothschild ('75) 9:41.0 1975
3200 Meters Eamon O'Brien ('98) 9:46.71 1997
5000 Meters Brian Ruland ('79) 17:19.0 1979
120 Yard Low Hurdles Unknown ? ?
120 Yard High Hurdles Rich Cirner ('65) 14.3 1965
110 Meter High Hurdles Unknown ? ?
180 Yard Low Hurdles Rich Cirner ('65) 19.3 1965
330 Yard Hurdles Bob Antoniazzi ('73) 40.3 1973
300 Meter Hurdles Wes Knowles ('79) 40.4 1979
400 Meter Hurdles Joey Johnson ('04) 53.7 2004


Boys Individual Events - Field Name Time/Mark Class/Year
Discus Bruce Hedendal ('65) 186' 5.5" 1965
Shot Put Bruce Hedendal ('65) 61' 1-1/2" 1965
Long Jump Rich Cirner ('65) 24' 1-1/2" 1965
Triple Jump Ralph Davis ('03) 46' 9-1/2" 2003
High Jump Jim Hennessey ('78) 6' 6-1/2" 1977
Pole Vault David Barthold ('71) 13' 6" 1971
Pole Vault John Lehach ('73) 13' 6" 1973
Javelin Trey Bauer ('83) 179' 3" 1981
Javelin (New) Scott Abella ('97) 166' 1997
Total Points      
Season Dean DeRenzo ('80) 233 1979
Career Jim Hennessey ('78) 467  


Boys Relay Events - Track and Field Name Time/Mark Class/Year
400 Yards - (1/4 Mile Relay)
4 x 110 Yards
Richard Cline ('73)/Tom Tracy ('72)
Len Manis ('73)/Emu Rath ('74)
0:45.2 1972
400 Meter Relay
4 x 100 Meters
Mike Renn ('85)/Mike Hennessy ('85)
Ray Guidetti ('85)/Kevin Carmichael ('85)
0:46.2 1985
880 Yards - (1/2 Mile Relay)
4 x 220 Yards
Alan Strauss ('75)/Carmine Bailey ('76)
Ken Maxwell ('75)/Bob Darella ('77)
01:31.7 1975
800 Meter Relay
4 x 200 Meters
Names Unknown 01:31.4 1976
Mile Relay
4 x 440 Yards
Bob Darella ('77)/Bob Lustberg ('77)
Carmine Bailey ('76)/Richard Rothschild ('75)
03:25.4 1975
1600 Meters
4 x 400 Meters
Dean DeRenzo ('80)/Wes Knowles ('79)
Mike Dubois ('81)/Lenny La Barre ('79)
03:25.8 1979
2 Mile Relay
4 x 880 Yards
Bob Pons ('74)/John Horner ('74)
Dave Zitelli ('75)/Richard Rothschild ('75)
07:58.0 1975
3200 Meters
4 x 800 Meters
Names Unknown 08:03.2 1974
Sprint Medley Carmine Bailey ('76)/Bob Darella ('77)
Ken Maxwell ('75)/Richard Rothschild ('75)
03:27.7 1975
Distance Medley Dave Bushong ('69)/Kurt Maier ('69)
Steve Lotosky ('70)/Ron Speirs ('70)
10:47.1 1969
4 Mile Relay
4 X Mile
Mike Roemer ('77)/John Russell ('78)
John Cooper ('75)/Kevin Ruland ('77)
18:45.0 1977
Shuttle Low Hurdles Jim Grisafi ('65)/Ron Hille ('65)
Ken Kolln ('65)/Rich Cirner ('65)
46.8 1965
Shuttle High Hurdles Jim Grisafi ('65)/Ron Hille ('65)
Ken Kolln ('65)/Rich Cirner ('65)
54.6 1965
High Hurdles Bruce Kleine ('73)/Ed Drehle ('74)
John Lehach ('73)/Bob Antoniazzi ('73)
63.4 1973
400 Meter Hurdles Dean DeRenzo ('80)/Mike LaRosa ('80)
Doug Faley ('80)/Unknown
02:59.1 1980
Intermediate Hurdles Wes Knowles ('79)/Dean DeRenzo ('80)
Mike LaRosa ('80)
02:08.6 1979
Long Jump -  3 Man Relay Mark Kearns ('67)/Ken Kolln ('65)
Rich Cirner ('65)
60'10" 1965
Long Jump -  2 Man Relay Dean DeRenzo ('80)
Reinhardt Schornstaedt ('79)
35' 2½" 1979
Triple Jump 3 Man Relay Ralph Davis ('03)/Jason Endres ('02)
Joey Johnson ('04)
122 8" 2002
Triple Jump 2 Man Relay R Davis/J Endres/J Johnson 79 4" 1979
Pole Vault - 3 Man Relay Dave Barthold ('71)/Bob Driscoll ('71)
John Lehach ('73)
36 '6" 1971
Pole Vault - 2 Man Relay Anthony Rodriquez ('78)
Reinhardt Schornstaedt ('79)
23 '6" 1979
High Jump - 3 Man Relay Jim Hennessey ('78)/Bill Hawn ('78)
Keith Ochrym ('79)
17' 10" 1977
High Jump - 2 Man Relay Anthony Rodriquez ('78)
Reinhardt Schornstaedt ('79)
11' 8" 1979
Discus Relay Mike Mullane ('65)/Neal Socha ('65)
Bruce Hedendal ('65)
470' 8-1/2" 1965
Shot Put Relay Frank Marino ('65)/Neal Socha ('65)
Bruce Hedendal ('65)
154' 7-1/2" 1965
Javelin Jim Hennessey ('78)/Jerry Molletas ('76)
Paul Dittrich ('76)
400' 2" 1976


Girls Individual Events - Track Name Time/Mark Class/Year
100 Meters Elana Jauhar ('05) 12.9 2005
200 Meters Jaclyn Bariletto ('00) 27.7 2000
400 Meters Nicole Philibosian ('04) 59.8 2004
800 Meters Jessica Setless ('06) 2:19.1 2006
1600 Meters Amy Kempf ('88) 5:04.1 1988
3200 Meters Amy Kempf ('88) 10:51.1 1988
110 Meter Hurdles Jessica Malacrida ('05) 15.7 2005
400 Meter Hurdles Lisa Coppoletta ('82) 65.7 1981
Discus Meghan Judge ('01) 105' 8" 1999
Shot Put Kristan Malacrida ('01) 35' 6" 2001
Long Jump Nicole Philibosian ('04) 17' 1" 2004
Triple Jump Elana Jauhar ('05) 35' 1" 2003
High Jump Jessica Malacrida ('05) 5' 5" 2005
Pole Vault Kari Post ('04) 8' 6" 2004
Javelin (New) Mary King 127 3" 2007


Girls Relay Events - Track and Field

Name Time/Mark Class/Year
4 x 100 Meters A Manis/K Post
S Feeney/Jessica Malacrida
0:53.6 2004
4 x 200 Meters A Manis/Nicole Phiolbosian
Elana Jauhar/Jessica Malacrida
01:50.4 2004
4 x 400 Meters R Setless/Jessica Setless
Nicole Phiolbosian/Elana Jauhar
04:03.87 2004
4 x 800 Meters R Setless/K Laughlin
M Sherlock/Jessica Setless
10:06.1 2005
Sprint Medley R Setless/A Manis
Elana Jauhar/Jessica Setless
04:37.4 2004
Distance Medley V Foy/J Goldberg
L Albro/A Kempf
12:58.1 1988
Shuttle Hurdles S Feeney/T Ko
Elana Jauhar/Jessica Malacrida
1:07.91 2005
400 Meter Hurdles M King/T Ko/M Hwang 03:36.3 2006
Long Jump Relay Nicole Phiolbosian/Elana Jauhar/Jessica Malacrida 43' 5" 2004
Triple Jump Relay M King/T Ko/M Hwang 97' 10-1/4" 2007
High Jump Relay Elana Jauhar/S Feeney/Jessica Malacrida 13' 10" 2004
Discus Relay K Carlson/Meghan Judge/K Malacrida 279' 5" 2001
Javelin (New) N Broukian/K Post/S Feeney 223 8" 2004




Won - Loss Record




All-time Best



All-time Best by School Year









Track Meet Against ?




Left to Right

Unknown, Joe Mancuso ('60), Jeff Zayas ('63), Tommy Lee ('60), and unknown



Spring Practice


Perry Dabinett - Class of '60 




Joe Mancuso - Class of '60

Wins at 440 Yards




Carol Pulaski


When you think about being ahead of one's time, think Carol Pulaski.  Carol competed with the best of the best in track when the rest of the girls were stuck playing field hockey.  One can only imagine what heights she would have reached had she practiced with, and was a team mate of the likes of Jessica Malacrida (Class of 2005), Maria Elena Di Pasquale (Class of 1989), Jess Altimira (Class of 2010) and Jess Reuveni (Class of 2012).


You won't find her name in any of the Spartans record books, but she will have her rightful place on this website as one of Paramus High School's unhearlded stars.  



1960 Olympic Trials

(200 Yards and Broad Jump)



Carol Pulaski - Nancy Frisbe - Gladys Pate - Bunny Walker

Central Jersey Track Club



Paramus Post - 1961










Varsity Track Team





Photo Courtesy of Phil Fontana - (Class of 1964)


Row 1 (sitting) - Left to Right

Ken Brooks ('63), Bob Gerometta ('62), George Downs ('62), John Gargano ('62), Bob Lloyd ('64), Sal Rotolo ('62), Dave Morschauser ('62), Pete Milosky ('63), Pete Kesslar ('63), Bob Reidel ('63), Phil Fontana ('64), Jimmy Albro ('62), and Marty Ollinger ('64).

Row 2 (kneeling) - Left to Right

Guy Vlasits ('64), unknown, Frank Wojno ('63), Ray "Firpo" Pompillio ('63), unknown, Ed Drucker ('64), unknown, unknown, Tommy Schaefer ('62), Bob Davidson ('64), unknown, Bob Probst ('64), Bernie Milosky ('64), Dan Holovach ('64), Glen Yachechak ('62), Ken Finlay ('64), Al Paviglianti ('62)...maybe

Row 3 (standing) - Left to Right

John Cronin ('64), George Lehach ('63), Lou Bivioa ('64), unknown, Joe Incandella ('64), unknown, Rich Trinchiere ('64), Louie Sabini ('63), Bob Reme ('64), unknown, Rich Mills ('63), Jimmy O'Shea ('63), Dave Landau ('63), unknown, Jim Robinson ('63), Harry Lazare ('64), Billy Comp ('63), Butch "Bull Dog" Turner ('63), unknown, Ray Sparks ('63), Ron Behnke ('63), Tommy Schmidt ('64), Andy Dunn ('64), Mr. Pete Labarbieri, and Coach Mr. Lou Lanzalotto.




1962 Record Breaking Mile Relay Team


Penn Relays Winner


Photo Courtesy of Steve Lanzalotto (Class of '70)


Kneeling - Left to Right

Ray Sparks ('63) - Al Dobritch ('62) - Dave Morschauser ( '62)

Standing - Left to Right

Craig Smith ('63) - Coach Lou Lanzalotto - John Robinson ('63) 









1962 Distance Runners (The Mile)


Photo Courtesy of Joe D'Arco (Class of 1963)


Left to Right

Joe D'Arco, George Downs ('62) and Ray "Firpo" Pompillio ('63)




Paramus Post Article








Varsity Track Team





1963 Track Practice


Kneeling (L-R)

Walt Talarek and ?


Unknown, Al Kuebler, Henry Hensel






 Varsity Track Team


The Hurdlers




Middle Distance


Fred Hoogland - Class of 1965

880 Yards Against Bergen Catholic







The Quarter Mile Standout


Bill Jackob - Class of 1966

440 Yards Against Bergen Catholic



Bill Jackob - Class of 1966

Penn Relays







Dennis Bivona - Sprints




Doug Davidson - Hurdles




Jim Loughlin - Weights









Super Star

Jessica Malacrida!











Jenni Zyment























Tony Nadera - Pole Vault





Jess Altamira - High Jump










Field Star Jess Reuveni

Record Toss of 110' 3" (2011)





Kevin Jackson 4x400 Meters





Front Row (L-R)

Bhakti Patel and Katie Kuderka

Middle Row (L-R)

Andrea Koutsis, Matt Lefer and Jenna Sula

Back Row (L-R)

Kelsey Revicki, Jess Reuveni and Mandy Liu.










1962 Season







1963 Season



October 20, 1963


Paramus Beats Bergenfield and Englewood













October 2012


Max Brodarzon


Scores a Hat Trick Against Pascack Valley














Freshman - Class of '63



Coach Charlie Brown

Front Row (left to right)

Billy Thompson - Jimmy Carpenter - Mike Captiman - Lew Halpern - Dave Landau - John Bouranel

Back Row (left to right)

Chuck Grabina - Barry Goldstein - Dennis Martinez - Pete Milosky - Chuckie Price - Ed Liptak.




Paramus' First Varsity Season


Billy Yager (#24) and Gordie Russell on the right



Stan Bauer (#54) - Class of '60, Gary Fullem (#50) - Class of '61, Nicky Ferreria (#34) - Class of '60, and Billy Yager (#24) - Class of '61




Wayne Petocz (#5) - Class of '61









Freshman Team Class of 1964


A Tough Loss to Hackensack









Recreation and Parks Basketball

League Champions


Photo Courtesy of Jack Carroll


Kneeling (left to right)

Kevin Sabella ('64), Howie Kirker ('64), Ralph Celentano ('64), Bob Germano ('65), Bob Geschine ('65), and Gary Mayer ('64)

Standing (left to right)

Asst. Coach John Williams (father of John Williams - Class of '63), Ken Kollen, Harry Lazare ('64), John Obliskey, Bill Roehr ('64), Jack Carroll (Bergen Catholic), and Head Coach Bob Geschine Sr.







That Championship Season Begins



The Preseason Chariot




Spartan Basketball Team

* Bergen County Champions

* NNJIL Champions

* State Runner-up




Kneeling (left to right)

Larry Bernberg ('63), Dennis Martinez ('63), Lew Halpern ('63), Barry Goldstein ('63), Jeff Perry ('64),

Standing (left to right

Al Kolber ('65),  Coach Bob Kingsley, Jim O'Shea ('63), Gerry Giampetruzzi ('64), Paul Ryder ('63), Chuck Grabina ('63), Coach Charlie Brown, and "The Great" Coach Herb Hoeland




Paramus (83) vs. Teaneck (71)


 Jeff Perry (Class of '64)  on the floor




Win Over Hackensack for NNJIL Title











Paramus Wins Bergen County Jamboree


Paramus (58) vs. Hackensack (49)





Left - Jim O'Shea ('63), Jeff Perry #21 ('64)





Left to Right

Jeff Perry - #21 ('64), Jerry Giampetruzzi ('64), Dennis Martinez #23 ('63)





Michele See ('Class of 64) with the championship trophy




State Tournament


On to Ridgewood to Play Englewood


Paramus Wins 47-46




The Night of the Riot


That was the season when Paramus defeated Englewood at the State Tournament at Ridgewood High School.  The press reported it as a riot, and that it was.  At the final buzzer, many Englewood fans stormed the court, and pounded the Paramus players with sticks, cow bells, and anything in their possession that could be used as a weapon.


Paramus fans joined in the fight that quickly took on riot status.  Don Sanns (Class of '63), always ready for a duke out was on the court and in the thick of things before I could get out of my seat.  Jimmy Pierri ('65), a very good friend of mine, and a person not to be fooled with, was quick to join the melee.  He ended up with a concussion.  


Jerry Giampetruzzi's ('64) head was bloodied, and was transported to Valley Hospital with sign of a concussion.  Chuck Grabina ('63) was pounded unmercifully, and suffered heads wounds as well.  This is part of Paramus' history that most would like to forget, but if you were in the stands that night, you knew that you were witnessing a full-on riot.  People feared for their lives.  Even the police on duty reported that they felt lucky that they weren't killed.  You hear much about fake news these days.  This was real.
















On to Seton Hall to Play Berkeley Heights


Paramus Wins 61-45


Sports officials and local police decided to move the next game out of Bergen County for safety and security reasons.  It became a true road game as we traveled to Seton Hall to play Berkeley Heights. 

When Paramus was introduced, out came Jerry Giampetruzzi and Chuck Grabina with their heads bandaged.  Jerry's bandage look more like a skull cap than a dressing.  The team looked battered and bruised, recovering from a one point victory over Englewood just three days earlier that came at a personal cost to everyone on the team. 

As they stood there bandaged and bruised while the Star Spangled Banner played, it became a scene straight out of 1776.  The picture below came to mind.  Those kids looked like they survived a battle, which they did.  I will never forget the emotion that filled that gym on that historical night when the team may have played what might have been their best game of the season, defeating Berkeley Heights 61-45.





On to Atlantic City to Play Audubon


Paramus Loses 53-50


It was a tough loss, a nail biter until the very end.  Jeff Perry played an outstanding, directing the offense, and playing a tight defense.  Sharp shooter Lew Halpern, who had a 1,000+ point career had an off night, but played with heart.  Without exception, the entire team left all they had on the court at Convention Hall that night. 


It was a great season!






Jeff Perry #4 ('64), Jerrry Giampetruzzi ('64) in the background




Lew Halpern - #40 ('63),  Jeff Perry #4 ('64)





Jeff Perry #4 ('64)



1964-65 Season



Paramus vs. Ridgefield Park










1962-63 or 64?



Student - Faculty Basketball Game


  Gerry Giampetruzzi - ? - Mr. Hoeland - Richie Augustensen







December 14, 1973

Paramus v. Bergenfield


Photo Courtesy of Stan Cohen ('74)


Tom Durovscik ('74) at the fould line.  No pressure!







Below, are the words of Bob Dickstein, a friend of wrestling, and a friend of Pops Tashian for many years.  His words provide some insight about the kids who participate in this sport; win, lose, or draw.  Wrestling requires a total commitment and unique sacrifices unlike many other sports.  It builds character and gets kids ready to face life's many challenges.  





1960 - 1974




Click Below for the complete document


The History of Paramus Wrestling





The History of the Christmas Tournament




The Christmas Tournament, now known as the "George Jockish Holiday Tournament."  Political correctness trumped tradition as it probably should have back in 1960, the first year of the tournament.


Back then, it was the first big competition of the season.  It was a time when we pulled (lost) as much weight as humanly possible to compete in the lowest weight classes.  Winners of this tournament were considered best in class, destined for the post season state championship.  We wrestled four, sometime five matches in three days.  I speak from experience when I say it was pure Hell. 


Everyone but our heavyweights struggled to make weight.  The real challenge was in the 98 lb. class, and these guys were no 98 lb. weaklings.  Dennis Kocse (1960-61), Billy Kun (1961-62), Ron Shapiro (1962-63), and Greg Gorab (1963-64) were as tough as they come. 


Below is a record of medalists that I have been able to confirm.  Please help me add to this list so I can recognize the accomplishments past generations, and today's champions.



Paramus Medal Winners








If you have any newspaper articles, medals, trophies, and anything else stored away in your basement or attack, take a picture, make a scan, send it to me and I'll make sure that it gets posted.



Newspaper Articles

Courtesy of John Schumacher - Class of '64
















Below are two keepsakes that my father Pops kept for 50+ years.  He never missed a match.




The sketch below was drawn shortly after the Christmas Tournament by a very talented artist, fellow classmate ('64), and friend named Bob Timmons.  Rest assured that there was no drinking, beer or water, during those seasons of maintaining weight. 






The Paramus Connections

Paul Tashian - Class of '62


Below is the cover and the inside cover of the 1982 program.  In 1981, my brother Paul passed away after a long and courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.  He was an outstanding and gifted athlete, and later pursued officiating wrestling. 


Beginning in 1982, the Outstanding Wrestler is awarded a trophy in my brother's name.  It is a coveted honor that endures to this day.  His son David carried on Tashian wrestling tradition for several years as part of the Ridgewood High School program.  His grandson David has taken up the sport, and hopefully I will have the honor of presenting him the trophy in the name of his grandfather.  Everyone who competes is "outstanding" in their own right.  Wrestlers reading this know what I mean.






George Jockish - Class of '62

Jockish is a well know name in Paramus.  George's funcle was the former Chief of Police, and his son was an important part of the wrestling scene.  George became the Tournament Director in 1985, a position he held for 18 years.  In 2006, the tournament was again renamed, this time the "George Jockish Bergen County Coaches Association Holiday Wrestling Tournament."  Below is the dedication that appeared on the inside cover of the 2006 program.



Geoff Jockish - Class of '89

Geoff Jockish played key roles in the Holiday Tournament for several decades.  He was recognized for his efforts and many contributions to the sport in 2006 (see program below).





If you click on the link below, it will take you to the complete history of the tournament between 1960 and 2008.   If you find anything more accurate, let me know.


The History of Holiday Tournament (1960 - 2008)







The First Wrestling Team




  • Dennis Kocse place 2nd in the District III Championship at 98 lbs.



1960-61 Team Photo 


Kneeling (left to right)

Don Sanns - 130 lbs.(Class of '63), Jose "Pepe" Rodriquez - 130 lbs. (Class of '63), Bruce Forrest - 122 lbs. (Class of '63), Kenny Tashian - 115 lbs. (Class of '64), Bob LaBianca - 106 lbs. (Class of '64), Dennis Kocse - 98 lbs. (Class of '64), Billy Kun - 98 lbs. (Class of '63), Louie Sabini - 141 lbs. (Class of '63), Bob Osinoff - 136 lbs. (Class of '62),

Standing (left to right)

Coach Pete Newell, John Williams - 122 lbs. (Class of '63), Paul Tashian - 147 lbs. (Class of '62), Billy "Bird" Birnbaum - 115 lbs. (Class of '63), Barry Tuchin - 136 lbs. (Class of '63), Harvey Anger - 168 lbs. (Class of '63), Burt Augustensen - 168 lbs. (Class of '62), Al Kuebler - 157 Lbs. (Class of '63), Richie Remick - 168 Lbs. (Class of '63), Ed Moran - 168 lbs. (Class of '62), Tommy Schaeffer - 157 lbs. (Class of '62), Bill Hasselkus - 168 (Class of '62), Ron Manning - 177 (Class of '62).  

Noteworthy of this group is Ed Moran who scored the fastest pin on record...15 seconds.  That's a sight I will never forget.

Not pictured, but essential members of the team included; Mike Capitman - Heavyweight (Class of '63), and Bruce Lisbin - 141 Lbs. (Class of '63), Harry Asdoorian - 115 lbs. (Class of '64), Henry Norring - 115 lbs. (Class of '63), Gary Galante (Class of '64), and Gary Carpenter (Class of '61).







  • Dennis Kocse wins District III Championship at 115 lbs., and takes 2nd in the Regional Championship. 
  • Al Kuebler ('63) wins District III Championship at 157 lbs.
  • John Schumacher takes 2nd in the Novice Tournammet at 141 lbs.
  • Paul Tashian takes 3rd in the Christmas Tournament at 148 lbs.



1961-62 Team Photo  


Kneeling (left to right)

Billy Kun - 98 lbs. (Class of '63), Dennis Kocse - 106 lbs. (Class of '64), Bob LaBianca - 115 lbs. (Class of '64), Bruce Forrest - 122 lbs. (Class of '63), Jose "Pepe" Rodriquez - 130 lbs. (Class of '63), Richie Schulz -136 lbs. (Class of '64), Ron Cheslock - 157 lbs. (Class of '64)

Standing (left to right)

Coach Pete Newell, Bruce St. Thomas - 141 lbs. (Class of '64), Barry Tuchin - 136 lbs. (Class of '63), Paul Tashian - 148 lbs. (Class of '62), Al Kuebler - 157 lbs. (Class of '63), Bob "Moose" Cortese - 168 lbs. (Class of '64), Joe Kutniewski - Heavyweight (Class of '64), Ron Manning - 177 lbs. (Class of '62), Bruce Lisbin - 141 lbs. (Class of '63).

Key Contributors Not Shown

Other members of the 1961-62 team included; Burt Augustensen - 168 lbs. (Class of '62), Eddie Moran (Class of '62), Richie Remick (Class of '63), Lou Sabini (Class of '63), John Schaffer (Class of '63), Don Sanns - 130 lbs. (Class or '63), and Joe Basil (Class of '63).








  • Dennis Kocse wins District III Championship
  • Al Kuebler ('63) takes 3rd in the Christmas Tournament, 2nd in the District III Championship, AND defeats previously undefeated district and county champ Ed Ponzini of Teaneck at 168 lbs.
  • Bruce Forrest takes 3rd in the Christmas Tournament at 123 lbs.
  • Ken Tashian defeats previously unfeated Christmas Tournament, District and Regional champ Gary La Russo of River Dell



1962-63 Team Photo


Kneeling (left to right)

Ron Shapio - 98 lbs. (Class of '65), Billy Kun - 106 lbs. (Class of '63), Dennis Kocse - 115 lbs, Bruce Forrest - 122 lbs. (Class of '63), Kenny Tashian - 130 lbs. (Class of '64

Standing (left to right)

Coach Charlie Bauer, Donn Sanns - 136 lbs. (Class of '63), John Schumacher - 141 lbs. (Class of '64), Bruce Lisbin - 147 lbs. (Class of '63) Barry Tuchin - 157 lbd. (Class of '62), Al Kuebler - 168 lbs (Class of '63), Joe Basil - 177 lbs. (Class of '63), Mike Capitman - Heavyweight (Class of '63), John "Jack" Thompson - Trainer, and Coach Ralph Polito. 

Key Contributors Not Shown

Other members of the 1961-62 team included; Burt Augustensen - 168 lbs. (Class of '62), Eddie Moran (Class of '62), Richie Remick (Class of '63), Lou Sabini (Class of '63), John Schaffer


Tashian Wins at Bergenfield - 1963









  • Kenny Tashian wins the Christmas Tournament, District III Championship, and goes undefeated in dual meets.  He loses in the Regional final in the last 15 seconds
  • Dave Samuels take 2nd place in the Novice Tournament 168 lbs.
  • Ron "Animal" Cheslock takes 3rd in the Christmas Tournament at 157 lbs.
  • John Schumacher takes in the Christmas Tournament at 148 lbs.
  • 3rd Joe Kutniewshi is awarded a scholarship to Farleigh Dickinson University where he goes undefeated for two seasons and wins a Metropolitan Championship.






1963-64 Team Photo



Kneeling (L-R)

98 - Greg Gorab ('65), 106 - Ron Shapiro ('65), 115 - Tommy Saia ('65), 123 - Dennis Kocse ('64), 130 - Ron Kahn ('65), 136 - Kenny Tashian ('64), 141 - Lou Bivona ('64), 147 - John Schumacher ('64), 157 - Ron "The Animal" Cheslock, 168 - Dave Samuels ('65), 177 - Frank Rulli, and Heavyweight - Joe Kutniewski

Standing (L-R)

Coach Bauer and Coach Ralph Polito



Newspaper Clippings

Below are copies of newspaper articles that were sent to me just the other by John Schumacher, my teammate and good friend for over five decades.  Unbeknownst to him, his girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Marietta (Class of '65) saved them for 20+ years.  They weren't discovered until by chance (and her daughter's intervention), they reunited and married.



Paramus 45 - Englewood 5



Paramus 18 - Pascack Valley 30




Paramus 13 - Fair Lawn 37



Paramus 51 - Cliffside Park 2





Paramus 21 - River Dell 25




Paramus 18 - East Paterson 22




Paramus 11 - Hackensack 32



Paramus 17 - Ridgewood 23





Paramus 34 - Tenafly 8






Paramus 12 - Teaneck 32




Paramus 56 - Garfield 0








  • Mohammed "Mike" Rajabi, a transfer student from Iran, places 3rd in the Christmas Tournament, wins the District III Title, and goes undefeated in dual meets at 141 lbs.
  • Rich Anstatt takes 1st place in the Novice Tournament
  • Gerry Driscol takes 2nd place in the Christmas Tournament Championship at 115 lbs.
  • Tommy Saia takes 3rd place in the Christmas Tournament at 115 lbs.
  • John Policastri takes 2nd place in the District III Championship



1964-65 Team Photo  



















  • Steve Baxter wins the Christmas Tournament, and places 2nd in the District III Championship at 178 lbs.
  • Kevin Couglin wins the Christmas Tourament at 98 lbs.
  • Rich Anstatt takes 1st place in the Novice Tournament, places 3rd in the Christmas Tournament, and wins the District III Championship at 148 lbs.
  • John Policastri places 2nd the Christmas Tournament, and wins the District III Championship at 130 lbs.
  • Mark Nilssen places 3rd in the District III Championship at 168 lbs.



1965-66 Team Photo  



Seated (L-R)

Gerry Driscoll - Tommy Hlawatsch - Rich "Paste" Anstatt - John Policastri - Mark Nilssen - Kevin Coughlan - Bill Meeker

Standing (L-R)

Coach Ralph Polito - John Piccininni - Bill Schuster - Rich Troisi - Ray Ettenborough - Dick Egan - Coach Charlie Bauer



1966 Team Captains










  • Steve Baxter wins his second Christmas Tournament Championship and places 2nd in the District III Championship at 178 lbs.
  • Phil Garber places 2nd in the District III Championship at 123 lbs.
  • Kevin Coughlan take 3rd place in the District III Championship



1966-67 Team Photo  


Front Row (L-R)

Tommy Hlawatsch - Kevin Coghlan - Ed Collins - Phil Garber - Bill Meeker - John Piccininni

Standing (L-R)

Coach Ralph Polito - Rich Troisi - Steve Baxter - Joe Miceli - Bill Knichel - Tom Brock - Mark Haislip - Coach Charlie Bauer - Manager Seth Feldman









  • Capt. Tom Hlawatsch takes 3rd in the District III Championship, and finishes the season with an outstanding 11-1 dual meet record.
  • Doug Ballie takes 3rd in the District III Championship at 136 lbs..
  • Bill Meekek takes 3rd in the District III Championship at 130 lbs.
  • Rich Smith takes 3rd in the District III Championship at 130 lbs.



1967-68 Team Photo  


First Row (L-R)

John Bentz - Len Barcelona - Tommy Hlawatsch - Ken Barcelona - John Klecha

Standing (L-R)

Manager Seth Feldman - Stu Goldstein - Simon Small - Frank Vetrano - Richard Smith - Dennis Ax - Tom Calabrese - Len Fariello - Coach Charlie Bauer







  • Len Barcelona goes undefeated with an 11-0 season, and is seleted 1st Team All Leauge.
  • Ken Barcelona posts a 10-1 record, and is selected 1st Team All Suburban, and 2nd place All Leauge.
  • Randy Kocse posts a 9-2 season, takes 2nd in the Christmas Tournament,  is selected 2nd Team All League (NNJIL), and places 3rd in the District III Championship at 98 lbs.
  • Heavyweigh Len Fariello is selected 2nd Team All League, and takes 2nd place in the District III Championship.



1968-69 Team Photo  



First Row (L-R)

Mark Reilly - Randy Kocse - Len Barcelona - Larry Waelde - Gary Ianuzzi

Standing (L-R)

Manager Dave Wolfson - Manager Seth Feldman - John Caleca - Tony Farrell - Frank Vetrano - Mark Reilly - Tom Kupfrian - Len Fariello - Coach Charlie Bauer








  • Gary Treinkman wins the Christmas Tournament Championship at 157 lbs.
  •  Ken Barcelona is named 1st Team All-League (NNJIL), All-Suburban, and All-County, takes 2nd in the Christmas Tournament, wins the Regional Championship, and placed 4th in the State Championship at 130 lbs.
  • Len Barcelona is named 1st Team All-League (NNJIL), All-Suburban, and All-County, takes 2nd in the Christmas Tournament, wins the Regional Championship, and places 4th in the State Championship at 123 lbs.
  • Randy Kocse takes 2nd in the Christmas Tournament, and 2nd in the Districy III Championship at 98 lbs. 
  • Mark Reilly takes 3rd place in the District III Championship at 168 lbs.
  • Gary Ianuzzi takes 3rd place in the District III Championship at 136 lbs.
  • Frank Vetrano takes 3rd place in the District III Championship at 148 lbs.
  • Tom Kupfrian takes 3rd place in the District III Championship at 178 lbs.
  • Heavyweight Len Fariello is named 2nd Team All League and All-Suburban, and receives Honorable Mention All-County.
  • Team wins the NNJIL Championship.




1969-70 Team Photo  




First Row (L-R)

Rick Tedesco - Randy Kocse - Len Barcelona - Ken Barcelona - Gary Ianuzzi - Pete Molyneux

Standing (L-R)

Coach Charlie Bauer - Len Fariello - Frank Vetrano - Mark Reilly - Steve Carpenter - Tony Farrell - Roger Smith - Coach J Morhardt








  • Roger Smith wins the District III Championship at 157 lbs.
  • Al Rubin places 2nd in the District III Championship
  • Scott Gins places 2nd in the District III Championship
  • Paul Ianuzzi places 2nd in the District III Championship
  • Bob Rucker places 3rd in the District III Championship at 168 lbs.
  • Ed Reilly place 4th in the Christmas Tournament




1970-71 Team Photo  














  • Al Rubin places 2nd in the District III Championship
  • Jim Miehe places 3rd in the District III Championship at 130 lbs.
  • Brain Tracy places 3rd in the District III Championship at 98 lbs.
  • Dom Lettera places 3rd in the District III Championship, and is voted 2nd Team NNJIL at Heavyweight
  • Chris Koenig places 4th in the District III Championship



1971-72 Team Photo  



First Row (L-R)

Cliff Adams - Jim Miehe - Mike Ossi - Carl Nelson - Brian Tracy

Standing (L-R)

Coach Charlie Bauer - Chris Koenig - Kevin Silverang - Glen Ax - Frank Fariello Alan - Rubin - Dominick Lattera









  • Chris Koenig wins the District III Championship, takes 3rd in the Regionals at 141 lbs.
  • Glen Ax places 3rd in the District III Championship at 178 lbs.
  • Jim Miehe places 3rd in the District III Championship at 136 lbs.
  • Bill Reilly places 3rd in the District III Championship at 123 lbs.
  • Jim Ehlers places 3rd in the District III Championship at 148 lbs.
  • Joe Mahfouz places 2nd in the Christmas Tournament, and 3rd in the District III Championship in the Heavyweight Division




1972-73 Team Photo  












Bill Savage takes over as Head Coach, and begins an era of champions




  • Mark Lotosky places 3rd in the District III Championship at 115 lbs.



1973-74 Team Photo  



Front Row (L-R)

Chris Brock - Jeff Maher - Mark Lotosky - Al Levine - Bob Anstatt

Middle Row (L-R)

Paul Nativo - Jim Manley - Ed O'Brien - Joe Paladino - Mike Khoury - Jim Lynch

Back Row (L-R)

Jim Ehlers - Steve Brock - Tom Carl - Neil Davidowitz - Steve Jankowski - Frank Gormeley  



Team Captain Bill Reilly










  • Bob Lindsey wins the Novice Tournament Championship
  • Bob Anstatt places 2nd the Christmas Tournament, wins the District III Championship, and place 4th in the Regionals at 129 lbs.
  • Tom Carl places 2nd in the District III Championship at 188 lbs.



1974-75 Team Photo 



Front Row (L-R)

Mike Linda - Jeff Maher - Kevin Scully - Chris Brock - Art Hanley - Mark Griffith

Middle Row (L-R)

Tom Meihe - Jeff Pappalardo - Ed O'Brien - Rob Anstatt - Joe Paladino

Back Row (L-R)

Mark Coniglio - Steve Brock - Tom Carl - Lance Ochrym - Bob Lindsay - Steve Roccchio









  • Mark Coniglio pins Hackensack's reining Christmas Tournament Champion in the 185 lb. weight class to lead Paramus to a 25 - 24 victory over powerhouse Hackensack.
  • Jeff Maher takes 2nd place at the Christmas Tournament, and finishes the season with an outstanding 18 - 4 record.
  • Barry Nitzberg takes 3rd place at the Christmas Tournament at 148 lbs.
  • Kevin Sculley takes 4th place at the Christmas Tournament at 129 lbs.
  • Lance Ochrym defeats Clifton's Passaic County Champion John George 2 - 1, enroute to a spectacular 15 - 1 season.  



1975-76 Team Photo  



Front Row (L-R)

Jeff Maher - Dave DeGregorio - Kurt Massey

Middle Row (L-R)

Joe Maio - Art Hanley - Tom Miehe - Kevin Scully - Joe Cippola

Back Row (L-R)

Lance Ochrym - Charlie Badagliacca - Mike Hamouz - Peter Kalksma - Mark Coniglio - Barry Nitzberg






Neil Hadley Wins Districts




Paramus' First State Champion








  • Nick Alpher wins District and Regional Championships, and takes second place at the State Championship.  He ends his season , and ranked #13 in the nation at 145 lbs!!
  • Eric Giannantonio wins District Championship at 106 lbs.
  • Joe Rizzitello wind District Championship at 130 lbs.






2010-11 Team Photo  





Click below to see the 2010-11 Season Program


2010-11 Season Program














2013-14 Team Photo  



The captains of the 2013-14 Paramus High School wrestling team are, from left, senior Eric Giannantonio (126 pounds), senior Nick Bucci (170/182), senior Justin Cochran (145) and junior Joe Trovato (138).









Alex Sebahie, of Paramus, offers a hand to Matthew Russo, of Jackson Liberty, after Sebahie handed Russo his first loss of the season in a 138-pound pre-quarterfinal round bout at the 2015 NJSIAA State Wrestling Tournament at Atlantic City's historic Boardwalk Hall. 








  • Kyle Cochran wins the State Championship at 160 lbs.




Kyle Cochran Wins State Title










  • Kyle Cochran takes 2nd place in the State Championship
  • Brian Bonino takes 3rd in the State Championship




Kyle Cochran - Runner-up for State Title



Brian Bonino - 3rd Place in State Tournament












50 Years of Outstanding Baseball Leadership


Coach Joe Cervino and Coach Bob Kingsley




The 50's & 60's



Camloc Litte League All Stars


Left to Right

Paul Tashian ('62) - Rodney Webber ('61) - Larry Lazar ('62)



Behnke Lumber Little League

Memorial School



Courtesy of Howie Behnke (Class of '64)


Seated - Front (left to right)

Steve Parker ('64) - Howie Behnke ('64) - Mickey Vaccaro - Wayne Gowan ('64) - Walt Talarek ('64) - Ron Behnke ('63) - Jeff Behnke ('64)

Seated - Rear (left to right)

Mike Bernstein ('65) - Pete Carlson ('63) - Neil Robertson ('62) - Barry Behnke ('62) - Mike Sullivan (Bergen Catholic) - Gerry Giampetruzzi ('64)

Coaches Standing (left to right)

Mr. Joe Vaccaro - Mr. Frank Giampetruzzi (Jerry's dad)



Paramus Little League

All Purpose Roll Leaf Hawks

Memorial School




Standing (L-R)

John Agnello ('64) - Unknown - Unknown - Kenny Jordan ('64) - Keith Verheeck ('64) - Vic Webb ('64) - Bob “Charlie” Kostura ('64) - Unknown - #12 Unknown


Background - Players, Coaches, and Parents (L-R)

Duncan “Gus” Campbell (Dennis’ father) – Coach wearing Little League Shirt

Bears Player - Unknown

Baseball cal with plaid shirt - unknown

Mr. Webb (Vic’s father) in dark hat and coat


Other coaches, spectators, parents, boys with backs toward the camera are all UNKNOWN



Paramus Little League


Left to Right

Bob "Moose" Cortese ('64) - Lou Sette ('64) 



Babe Ruth League


Front - Left to Right

Kenny Tashian ('64) - Paul Tashian ('62) - Dwight Eich ('62)

Rear - Left to Right

John Ackalitus ('60) - "Pops" Tashian - Pete Sabella ('62)



Lou Sette ('64)





Babe Ruth Baseball All-Star Photos







Paramus Babe Ruth League




Photo Courtesy of Barry Holt ('63)

First Row (L-R)

Jim Frye - Steve Schrell - Barry Holt ('63) - Dave West ('64) - Charlie Celia

Back Row (L-R)

Bob Reme ('64) – Unknown - Paul Smith (Bergen Catholic) - Coach Unknown



Paramus Babe Ruth League Champions



Photo Courtesy of ?


Front Row (L-R)

Ken Cerni ('65) - Richie Cirner ('65) - Unknown? - Dennis Moore ('64) - Len Zander ('64) - Howie Kirker ('64)

Back Row (L-R)

Coach Pops Tashian - Frank Rulli ('64) - Bob Luckow ('65) - Billy Compagnone ('63) - Jimmy Finch ('64) - Jerry Giampetruzzi - Coach Frank Giampetruzzi 



Connie Mack 

State Champions


Courtesy of Jeff Perry (Class of '64)


Front Row - (left to right)

John LoPinto ('62) - Jim Shenkberger ('62) - Jerry Giampetruzzi ('64) - Bob "Moose" Cortese ('64) - John Cronin ('64)

Middle Row - (left to right)

Coach ? - Paul Pecoraro ('62) - Jeff Perry ('64) - Frank Rulli ('64) - Coach Frank Giampetruzzi

Standing (left to right)

Coach Jack Marsh - Billy Monti ('62) - Rodney Webber ('61) - Paul Smith - Richie "Chico" Schiesswohl ('63)







1962 Babe Ruth All Star Team


Photo Courtesy of Jack Carroll (Class of 1965)


Kneeling (L-R)

First person is cut off - then: Johnny VanSaun, Mike Panchuck, Mike Bernstein, Dennis Petriella, Dave West, Head Coach Pops Tashian.

Standing (L-R)

Assistant Coach Tramontano, Johnny DeRobertis, Dennis Moore, Bob Reme, Mike Donnelan, Walter Talarek, Bob Mulcahey, Jack Carroll, Tom Brennan (partial)

Missing: Danny Moffitt and Cliff Lovas 





1963 NNJIL Co-Champions





1963 NNJIL All Stars 





1964 Baseball Spartans

25 Wins - 2 Losses

NNJIL Champions

Bergen County Champions

Group III State Champions


The Team


Photo Courtesy of Jeff Perry ('64)


Sitting (L-R)

Dennis Moore ('64) - Bob Mulcahey ('65) - Jimmy Finch ('64) - John Arbucho ('66) - Dave West ('64) - Mike Boffalo ('65) - Jeff Perry ('64) - Howie Behnke ('64)


Standing (L-R)

Coach Mr. Bob Kingsley - Jerry Dyrsten ('64) - J

Jerry Giampetruzzi ('64) - Bob "Moose" Cortese ('64) - Frank Rulli ('64) - Lou Sette ('64) - Jack Weaver ('65) - John "Dizzy" Deane ('64)



The Coach

Post Season Honors for Coach Kingsley






1964 was a great year for Spartan baseball.  It was the combination of talent from the Classes of 1964 & 1965, and great coaching by Head Coach Mr. Bob Kingsley that made all the difference.


Many of these kids played on Pops Tashian's Babe Ruth League teams, and it was self-evident way back then that they were destined for greatness.  If the game was close back then, Pops would call time, wave Jerry Giampetruzzi in from the outfield and put him on the mound in relief.  It's difficult to even guess the speed of Jerry's fastball, but most of the time the ball was in Lou Sette's catcher's mitt before the batter was halfway through their swing.  People in the stands (myself included) would look at one another and raise their eyebrows saying "WOW!" without speaking a word.


Jerry was a very gifted athlete, one of those three sport lettermen who comes around once in a great while.  In centerfield, Jerry could cover most of the outfield in just a few strides.  It was a wonderful thing to watch him turn for certain extra base hits into outs.  Runners on base rarely tested his arm because that they knew he didn't need a cutoff man to relay a throw to home plate.  His throws from deep center were on target ropes that usually arrived on the fly, or on one bounce.


Jerry was a lefty hitter who could pound the ball.  He and his family lived on Timothy Place, just beyond the path from Farview School in right-center field (circled in yellow).  It could be urban legend, or it could be a fact that one of his out of the ballpark home runs broke his kitchen window.  I've heard the story so many times that there has to be some truth to it.



Bobby Mulcahey was another one of those gifted athletes that made it look easy.  He was also a gifted golfer.  Lawrence Taylor of the NY Giants can attest to that.  Bobby beat him on a regular basis, and they weren't playing for fun. 

 Jeff Perry was another gifted athlete that came in a different package.  His skills were speed and coordination more so than power, yet he could pound the ball for extra bases and homeruns.  These skills are what made him a great soccer player, and the field general of the 1963 basketball team that went all the way to the state final in Atlantic City where we lost a heartbreaker to Audubon.


Dennis Moore was another one of those kids who might not be recognized as a gifted athlete until you watched him on the field turning singles into double plays.  Dennis and Jeff Perry were an infield dynamic duo that saved many a game for Paramus pitchers.  Dennis received post season All-County Honorable Mention recognition, a travesty in my book.  Dennis was a reliable batter with men on base, and was at the plate that day in Carlstadt when he hit a thunderous shot for an inside-the-park walk-off home run to win the state championship.


Lou Sette ('64) was the guardian of the plate who rarely dropped a pitch.  By the time Lou was a senior, he had over seven years of experience behind the plate.  Many kids changed positions throughout their playing days, but not Lou.  He was a pitchers' catcher, calling the right pitches, running down bunts, blocking the plate, and turning stolen bases into outs with his surefire arm.  He didn't get headlines like some of his teammates, but Bergen County coaches recognized his talent and selected him for the All-County Honorable Mention team.


John "Dizzy" Deane ('64), Howie Behnke ('64), Bob "Moose" Cortese, and Jerry Dyrsten ('64) round out a group of kids who played a team sport as a team.  Without exception, every one of those kids made a contribution to that championship season.  It's one of those things that stays with you the rest of your life. 




Preseason Predictions




Post Season Honors

First Team All-State


Jerry Giampetruzzi


Jerry made All NNJIL, All County, and All State that year, and ended up signing a contract with the Philadelphia Phillies.    













 All-County - First Team

Bob Mulcahey ('65) - Third Base and Pitcher

Jerry Giampetruzzi ('64) - Outfield 



All-County - Second Team

Jeff Perry ('64) - Second Base

John "Dizzy" Deane ('64) - Pitcher

Howie Behnke ('64) - Outfield



 All-County - Honorable Mention

Dennis Moore ('64) - Third Base

(Author's Choice for First Team!)

Bob "Moose" Cortese ('64) - First Base

 Lou Sette ('64) - Catcher









N.N.J.I.L Honors







 All-League - First Team

Bob Mulcahey ('65) - Third Base

Jeff Perry ('64) - Second Base

Jerry Giampetruzzi ('64) Outfield

Howie Behnke ('64) Outfield



 All-League - Second Team

 Lou Sette ('64) - Catcher

John "Dizzy" Deane ('64) - Pitcher

Dennis Moore ('64) - Third Base
(Author's Choice for First Team!)


Bob "Moose" Cortese ('64) - First Base





Spartan Hurlers Rule











Bob Mulcahey ('65) - 7 wins - 0 losses

Jerry Dyrsten ('64) - 5 wins - 0 losses

John "Dizzy" Deane ('64) - 8 wins - 2 losses


The Season





April 2, 1964

Paramus 7 - Tenafly 2





April 4, 1964

Paramus 4 - Bergen Catholic 0





April 7, 1964

Paramus 2 - Old Tappan




April 11, 1964

Paramus 4 - Bergen Catholic 2





April 27, 1964

Paramus 3 - Ridgewood 0




April 29, 1964

Paramus 2 - Bergenfield 1



May 8, 1964

Paramus 5 - Rutherford 0




May 20, 1964

Paramus 4 - Bergenfield 1




May 22, 1964

Paramus 3 - Teaneck 2




County Championship




Paramus Wins Semifinal Game



Jeff Perry Homers


(I told you he had skill and power!)







Paramus Wins County Championship

Paramus 9 - Leonia 1










Paramus Wins State Championship






Westbrook Junior High School

1967 Baseball Team 

Photo Courtesy of Larry Cerniglia - Class of 1969


Front Row (left to right)

UNKNOWN - John Luckner - Bobby Levinson - Kevin Behnke - Larry Cerniglia - Pat Cafferty - Pete Gesner - Barry Landua - Mike Bergmani


Back Row (left to right)

Coach John Valenta - John Duffie - Larry Richardson - Kenny Weber - Steve Tundell - Hall of Fame Basketball Player Rick Holdt - Howie Rifkin - UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN - Dave Campbell - and Hall of Fame Baseball Player Coach Bill Henderson



Connie Mack Baseball

Summer 1967


Photo Courtesy of Robert Fatovic ('67)


Left to Right

Robert Fatovic ('67) - Mike Danlychuk ('67)




The 70's



1970 Rescue Squad Fast Pitch Softball Team

Photo Courtesy of Ron Raab - Class of 1965


Sitting (left to right)

(1) - John Policastri, (2) - Ron Raab, (3) - Ron Zappile, (4) - Mike Bushsta, (5) - Brian Hennessey, (6) - Big Al Boltes, (7) - Little Al Boltes

Standing (left to right)

(1) - Judd Manning, (2) - Bobby Kamhoussen, (3) - Mike Noe, (4) - Larry Ortlieb, (5) - Jack ?, (6) - Al Gillart, (7) - Debbie Gillart (Al's wife)




Paramus Police Department



Photo Courtesy of Frank De Pauw



Sitting (L-R)

Tom Hornridge - Bob Thompson (Class of '72)

First Row (L-R)

Paul Donohue - Joe Ackerman (Class of '72) - Frank DePauw (Class of '66) - Randy Kremer - Bill Nutland - (Class of '68) - John Behnke (Class of '71) - Rich DeAngelo - Steve Procia -  Ed Winters

Back Row (L-R)

Vinny Brock (Class of '73) - Steve Mehl (Class of '68) - Richie Ralph (Class of '65) - Richie Marsh - Steve Roth (Class of '63) - Ed Nekel - Ken Sinatra  - Jerry May (Class of '62) - Chief George Elliot - Jimmy Albro (Class of '62) - Carl Massey






The 2000's




2003 Varsity Baseball Team


Names Courtesy of Matt Corso (Class of 2006)


Kneeling (L-R)

Coach Mike Libirti - Ray Coronia - Mike Santana - James Adamo - Ryan Mongon - Jeff Farhatt - Jon Calhoun

Standing (L-R)

Tom Legregni - Eric Valdez - Justin Tegg - Kevin Moran - Bobby Flannelly - Coach Vic Di Pasquale - Scott Darwick - Mark Hirata - Donnie Hays - Stephen Virgone - Coach Joe Cervino




2005 Varsity Baseball Team


League Champs


Photo Courtesy of Matt Corso (Class of 2006)


Kneeling (L-R)

Pete Soderman - Tom Moon - Mark Bilali - Kevin Huang - Captain Tom Legregni - Captain Billy Herrick - Mike Putrino - Aaron Hensz - Xio Wei Chen


Standing (L-R)

Coach Vic DiPasquale - Coach Mike Liberti - Scott Zymet - George Featherstone - Travis Ferguson - Kevin Wieme - Matt Corso - Anthony Cestaro - Marc Palestina - Coach Joe Cervino




2006 Varsity Baseball Team


Graduating Seniors


25-4 Season - Best Record Ever!


Photo Courtesy of Matt Corso (Class of 2006)


Left to Right)

Anthony Cestaro - George Featherstone - Travis Ferguson - Scott Syment - Kevin Wieme - Captain Matt Corso - Jason Berenberg - Captain Marc Palestina - Eddie Buffalo



2011 Freshman BCCA Champions


Photo Courtesy of Matt Corso (Class of 2006)


Kneeling (L-R)

Eric Rosenzweig - Mickey Diaz - Chris Billera - Jimmy Hallihan (with Lanny Ennis Championship Trophy) - Alex Castro - Stephen McGuire - Emil Lopez

Standing (L-R)

Coach Joe Palmaccio - Coach Eric Crespo - Paul Lawton - Rich LaBarbiera - Zack Smith - Gabe Cepeda - Kenny Froenapfel - Michael Piquero - Brian Polsky - Kevin Lannigan - Sam Melendez - Leshawn Perry - Mike DeSimone - Matt Warren - Coach Matt Corso, Coach Warburton - Coach Justin Tegg



Former Standout David Ferrara Joins Spartan Coaching Staff


April 2011


David Ferrara - Class of 2008



2012 Tri-Captains


Left to Right


Matt Krum - Tyler Garguilo - Frankie Colasante - Coach Jon Morrisette