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Photo Op - Jan 2022

Photo Op of the Month - January 2022

On Facebook, Carolyn Reichert McIlveen, '63, posed the question, "Who remembers typing?" So I looked through my collection of photos and selected the following bunch of typing-related images to post in the Paramus Spartans Facebook group. Because not everyone does Fb, I'm repeating them here. All five of these photos were in the Highlights edition of the Delphian shown here full-frame, with captions. Typing was one class I never regretted taking. Sure beats looking at the keyboard all the time. I'm actually more accurate if I don't look at the keyboard or the monitor, i.e. eyes closed.

Since the Delphian needed photos for the Guidance, Business, Creative Arts and Industrial Arts Faculty pages, I volunteered to do the shoots as it gave me the opportunity to wander in and out classrooms. I usually just walked into classes and said I was doing Yearbook photos if the teacher asked, snapped one or two and left. 99% of the time, faculty didn't care or didn't notice what a disruption I could have been. I really just wanted the images to be candid in nature, unposed. On some occasions I pulled the camera out from under the desk. At least then, the camera was big, heavy and obvious. The photo with Mr. D'Ambrosio was composed upon request, yet still looks candid. That was the other nice aspect, everyone was more than willing to participate. The other four photos I went unnoticed which was the whole idea. Please send me your comments at paramushighschoolalumni@gmail.com. Thanks for viewing. —Stan Cohen, '74

If you have not joined the Fb group, here's a link and be sure to answer the questions.

"That's the name to find!" Mrs. Styles shows Debbie Leftkowich what to file in House 2 Office.

"That stupid computer cannot even get the names spelled right!" Ms. Plucinsky and Mrs. LaRose check over a student's computerized report card.
As seen on page 42 with the student cropped out. And what did they keep in that giant safe?

"Keep your eyes on the copy - not the keys!" cautions Mr. D'Ambrosio as he instructs Mindy Fabrikant and Anita Termares in his typewriting class. Cropped too tight to keep the context on the typewriter in frame, from page 32 of the Business faculty pages.

"Make sure your margins are even" cautions Mrs. Lowry to Sharon Sloane in Office Practice class.
Page 33 of the Business Faculty pages. [Miss Lowry, Sharon Sloane, and Debbie Lefkowitz, Ella Loop (rear)]

"Mr. Nicosia 'proofreads' Anne La Sala's letter for errors in his typewriting class." Also from page 33 of the Business Faculty pages. It is nice to see these photos in their entirety now. I'm not sure if I was in this class, or if I dropped in unannounced to take the photo for the Delphian.

If you wanted to view the Highlights edition of the Delphian, here's the link to download the PDF.