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Photo Op - Apr 2021

To Charm or not to Charm

[Restored from the Ken Tashian Email Archives]

The newspaper articles below are from early 1960 (perhaps 1959?) will leave most of you gasping OMG!  This was way before Title IX, when skirts had to be two fingers below the knees or Mrs. Colnaghi would send you home from school, boys couldn't wear jeans, when bringing a knife or gun to school wasn't a remote thought, and bullying just didn't happen (except for a few jerks who Frank Rulli and I would straighten out). 

Smoking on school property was grounds for suspension.  Smoking in the girls or boys room...grounds for expulsion.  Nancy Pulis was the only girl I knew who smoked, but she got into trouble for all sorts of things.  From the 7th grade on, Nancy was the only girl in I school would not tangle with, no matter what.  She was a blonde, and shocked everyone on that St. Patrick's Day when she walked into Mr. Ceri's 8th class with bright green hair.  Mr. Ceri didn't know what to say or do.  Neither did Principal Dunn.  The administration had no rule(s) for something like that.  I guess she didn't go to "Charm" school.

Girls were not allowed to take shop, metal or wood, and I was refused admittance to Home Economics.  I thought it would be a great place to meet and get to know girls, but Miss Saraby saw right through me.  It didn't hurt to try.

I know almost all of the girls in this photo who I thought were charming without having to be schooled in charm.  If offered as a class today, I wonder how many girls would enroll.  I'm thinking they wouldn't need a very large room.

Sorry for the poor quality of the articles, but they are 60+ years old.

Charm School 101