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Photo Op for Dec 2020 featuring Web Gould

Honoring Web Gould - Class of 1960
[Restored from the Ken Tashian Email Archives]

[Editor's Note: The following was the second part of an emailer from Ken sent on December 1, 2020. This allowed Carroll "Web" Webster Gould, Jr. to have his moment in the Spartans sunlight while still with us. I encourage you to follow up this short posting with a reading of his obituary. He was quite the exceptional man.]

Carroll "Web" Webster Gould, Jr.  ~  September 17, 1942 – July 22, 2023

On to the Photo Op of the Month.  Actually, it's a sketch of Web Gould that was drawn by Charles McGill of the Bergen Evening Record in 1959.  It would be another 25 years before "Charlie" McGill would honor another Paramus individual athlete when he sketched Kenny Maxwell in 1974.

Web and his father "Cal" were friends of my family.  Web played on my father's Babe Ruth League team, I think as a pitcher and first baseman.  He was one of those naturally gifted athletes who lettered in three sports.  He was smart, approachable, and never full of himself like some of the more popular jocks.  He was just a regular guy who never let the recognition he received go to his head. 

Web was the first graduating class's Student Council President.  Now that's a very big deal! 

While being President was a serious responsibility, he didn't take himself very seriously or he wouldn't have dressed up as "The Monster" at a student council dance.  

The illustration below says that after graduation Web would be headed for Springfield College, but I think he was recruited by Rutgers.  Given his leadership qualities, and athletic and scholastic abilities I imagine it was likely a full scholarship.

January 1959

I would have liked to have known him better, but four years difference in age at that point in life might as well have been four decades.  Such is life.