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In Memory

Janice Hashway - Class of 1967


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08/18/13 12:29 PM #1    

Donna Landau (Hittel) (1968)

Jan and I were "Myeloma Sisters", related only because we both have (had) Multiple Myeloma.  Craig (Hittel) and I(Class of 1968)  have been very close with Bob Hashway (Class of 1968) and his wife, Marilyn.  When we told Bob I had Multiple Myeloma, he put me in touch with Jan, and the two of us emailed daily (sometimes several times a day) for almost four years.  

Jan married Richard White, also from the Class of 1967, and they live(d) in Port Jervis, NY.  Jan and I managed to meet on four occasions, the last being at the wake for her mother at the end of January.  

As an aside:  Jan was always legendary in our house!  Craig and I met when I took a job at the Shop–Rite on Route 17.  As soon as I met him, I knew there was something very special about him.  He was the Front End Manager, so he unstuck our register tapes and carried the clipboard for "price checks".  I would change my schedule so that I would be working the same nights as he was, every chance I could.  I probably also set the front–end record for price checks!

Unbeknownst to me, Craig had a crush on Jan!  Except for the fact that she was a whole year older (:D), and that she had a thing with Richie White, Craig never asked her out.  Luckily for me, Jan left the Shop–Rite when she graduated that June, and she eventually married Rich White, and I eventually married Craig.

Over the 44 years Craig and I have been married, if ever I spoke the name, "Jan Hashway", Craig would erupt with, "I LOVE Jan Hashway!"  And I would always laboriously nod my head and say, "I know...I know."  Until we told Jan the story, she never knew that Craig crushed on her.

We are devastated that Multiple Myeloma claimed her.  We will both love her forever.


Donna (Landau) and Craig Hittel

08/18/13 12:42 PM #2    

Jeanne Shulman (Fleming) (1964)

I'm so sorry that you were brought together by something like that but how wonderful that you had each other for the years you did. I'm smiling because I worked at Shop Rite when I was in high school(class of '64). I still miss the store and wish they had them in the Washingtion DC area.  Best Wishes for your continued wellness and thank you for sharing a little of your lives. Jeannie

08/20/13 02:39 PM #3    

Donna Landau (Hittel) (1968)

Thanks, Jeanne.  Sometimes, things are meant to happen, and people who passed briefly through our lives reappear in important roles.  Whether from her emails to me, or Craig's wistful expressions of "love" over the years, I will remember Jan with a smile.

02/28/14 11:40 PM #4    

Dave West (1964)

I met Janis when I was 16 years old. I was fairly well known in Paramus at that time and I knew alot of people. But when I met Janis it was like I was put in a position that I had no idea how I was going to deal with it. She

Completely knocked me off my feet with her charm and her sense of self.  I was, by self judgement arrogant and lacked understanding of other peoples feelings. In short I was an ass. I tried to find Janis for years to let

her know how sorry I was for being a jerk. I would have given everything to be able to tell her face to face if she would have even seen me. Janis was by far the finest person I knew. She was kind and warm and caring.

Her passing is a terribel loss for all that loved her. To her family, Richard and Robert,ect. I'm sure that Janis is sitting with GOD. I Loved her.

David West

03/12/14 04:08 PM #5    

Donna Landau (Hittel) (1968)


What a beautiful post!  We only seem to learn from our adolescent, selfish behavior when we really become adults.  I don't think any of us can look back on those years and not regret some hurt we remember inflicting on others.  I am sure Jan forgave you; she never seemed to harbor a bad thought, ever.



08/10/14 10:57 PM #6    

Dave West (1964)


Would you be kind enough to e-mail me when you get this note. I just have a few questions to ask.


Dave West 


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