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In Memory

Christina Lee - Class of 1962



The Life of Christina "Chrissy" Lee

Christina Lee was a vibrant, funny, kind, generous, self-less, thoughtful, caring person who always put other people before herself. She helped countless people in need during her lifetime and leaves behind a legacy of compassion for those who needed help on many different levels. Her strong character and her desire to help others led her to her most recent career as a Resident Manager in Florida and then Hawaii. She excelled in this profession because she cared so much about helping people and really knew how to get things done.

She loved children, although she never had any of her own. The love she had for kids was always exemplified in the way that she interacted with them - bringing them little gifts and toys, offering a helping hand, having playful conversations and interactions with them and more. Her kind heart will be missed by many.

Christina was also bold, out-spoken and was never afraid to say it like a "New Yorker". After all, she lived in New York for most of her life and learned how to "make it work no matter what" using the fortitude and determination that was so much a part of who she was. She was a "tough cookie" with a big, soft heart and a down-to-earth, unpretentious disposition.

Laughter was a huge part of Christina's life. She loved a good laugh and she had them often. Many times in the company of family, friends and colleagues. She had her own unique way of making other people laugh too - the Sunny Chris way.

Although Christina passed away at the age of 72, her spirit was many decades younger. She was a big kid at heart and often used the excuse that she was making up for her childhood as an adult because life as a kid wasn't easy and that life was too short to not have as much fun as possible. Christina always looked a lot younger than her age as well. It must have been her youthful attitude and energetic spirit that kept her looking so young and sassy all of the time.

Christina also known to many as Chrissy or Chris, loved to travel and have interesting experiences. Recently, her goal was to see all of the National Parks in the U.S. She had recently joined an elder-hostel tour group for outdoor adventure trips and couldn't wait to do more. She enjoyed going to reunions in Las Vegas and catching up with old friends there too. Some of her other favorite things in life were animals, especially horses; foreign films, in particular Japanese subtitled Samurai films; eating eggplant in every form, trying new restaurants; hanging out at Barnes and Noble "reading"; family and friend gatherings; and planning the next trip.

She felt blessed that she was given the chance to live so many more years beyond that of her three late sisters, Lily, Terry and Rose, and felt that she was here on earth to experience their lost moments for them by seeing and experiencing things that her sisters often talked about doing but never had a chance to do while they were here. She filled in for them whenever she felt she could. That was Chrissy - always thinking about others before herself.

So, how can we honor our dearest Chrissy as we move forward? Perhaps when we experience beautiful new places that she would love, we can think of her and share those moments with her spirit. And maybe we can be compassionate and kind towards other people, just like she was. There is no doubt that she would like that and smile down upon us from the heavens when we do.

Christina Lee is survived by her brothers, Ed, Jim and Tom and her half-siblings, Tricia, Eileen, Linda, Richard and Liz, as well as two ex-husbands, Bert Leong and Tony Scelta.

We hope you are enjoying your heavenly adventure now amidst the eternal love that surrounds you