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In Memory

Robert Kishel - Class of 1969







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01/11/14 03:52 AM #3    

Adam Vuksanic (1966)

I remember Bob well. We were friends growing up. He lived at the end of my street. A real nice guy.

01/11/14 01:00 PM #4    

Karen Kishel (Rector) (1976)

My brother, Bob passed away in February, 1993.  He was loved by everyone who knew him and will always be missed.  Thank you for your kind words and memories.


01/12/14 11:56 AM #5    

Richard Gralert (1971)

Karen. Sorry to hear about your brother. I don't know if you remember me. My grandparents Martha and Henry Siebert were friends of your parents in Paramus and later on in Highland Lakes. You bought the Pound residence on West Lakeside Dr. at the corner of Alturas Rd. We had a lakefront house just up the street. Your mom and my mother both worked at Bam's. I remember going with my grandmother to the restaurant in Bam's for a chocolate malt. Your mother would always serve us. 

01/18/14 03:11 PM #6    

Virginia Behnke (Lutton) (1967)

Bob and his family were very close neighbors. If he hadn't been a couple years younger, I would have wanted to date him...he was so cute!  So sorry to hear of his passing. I hope he had a good life as an adult. 

Ginny Behnke Lutton

01/19/14 07:48 AM #7    

Kathleen Volz (Tripaldi) (1967)

Bobby was my brother Tommy's best friend.  They were inseparable in their teens.  Tom told me of his passing many years ago,  I remember what a sweet boy he was, and always smiling.  He had an Audi in those days.  He was probably the only person I knew who had a sensible car.  You are missed Bobby.  

01/19/14 02:13 PM #8    

Karen Kishel (Rector) (1976)

Kathleen, I remember Tommy so well.  Bob and him were like two peas in a pod and were inseparable.  I hope he is well.  Please send him my regards.  Bob certainly did love his cars and his music!  He is greatly missed.  Thank you for sharing your memories!

03/04/14 12:24 PM #9    

Eric Olick (1976)

I remember Bob very well- he was mentor of mine in the 1970's when we worked together at Van Saun park, teaching tennins.  I knew he had passed awy in 1993, and i was deeply saddened to hear of this.  I will always remember him as a kind of big brother to me - he had a wonderful sense of humor - he loved animals (he had a big white samoyed named "Bojangles" and he actually befriended a wild fox), and he was a bright, talented, compassionate human being .  We were also actually next door neighbors on Haase Avenue when i was first born, though he was 7 years older than i and i was an infant.  Somewhere at home i have some great pix of him as a kid!  - Karen it would be fun to catch up and share the photoes. I have many many fine memoires of Bob!   

03/07/14 04:19 PM #10    

Lita Slaman (Dyke) (1969)

I remember Bob from band.  Always nice and always with a smile.  Way to young to be gone.



07/29/15 10:55 PM #11    

Jeff Tveraas (1969)

I have been trying to find Bob for many years, I'm saddened to know of his passing. He was my musical brother in our HS band "Neon Rain" and I am sorry that we lost track of each other. My condolences to his family.

07/30/15 01:16 PM #12    

Eric Zwick (1969)

I remember him from a few classes and was such a nice guy.  He would always perform some magic tricks for me.  Sad news but we are all getting to that age. Hope he had an enjoyable life.


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