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In Memory

Jerry Rosenberg - Class of 1975

Dr. Jerry Rosenberg
Dr. Jerry Rosenberg, Class of 1975
July 9, 2020

Posted on behalf of Ryan Rosenberg

A Purposeful Life

Today is a sad day as I announce the sudden passing of my father, Dr. Jerry Rosenberg.

Jerry came into my life when I was 8 years old, at a time when a father figure was very much needed. He and my mother were married in 1986, in the living room of our home, which they later transformed into a thriving dental practice that sustained our family for 34 years. 
Early on, Jerry introduced me to the beautiful game of soccer and coached me and my friends for many years. When he wasn’t coaching, he never missed a game of mine as a fan. I know he impacted so many of my friends through sports.

He was my reluctant math tutor in high school, a subject I completely hated, but I think he stuck it out because he loved my mom so much. His left brain and my right brain often didn’t agree, but over time we learned a lot from each other because
of our differences.

As I grew up around him, I learned to admire and appreciate his brilliant financial mind, his unwavering moral compass, and his love of sailing. He brought us on many sailing adventures, both in the Barnegat Bay and around the world. Those memories will live forever with me. Jerry was always generous with his time, talent and treasure - whether it be serving on the local school board, town committees, running soccer tournaments & coaching rec, travel, and high school soccer. He never put work in front of serving his community. 

Later in life, Jerry continued to explore his own spirituality. He wanted to continue to live a life of service and share his gift of dentistry with those that needed it most. “Dr. Jerry” organized and traveled to Africa and Central America on multiple dental missions to treat hundreds of children with no access to dental care. I was so proud of him and my mom for this work.

On top of all of that, he was married to a woman who loved him unconditionally, started and ran a successful business, brought his family on beautiful adventures, saw his two children grow into productive and responsible adults, walked his daughter down the aisle, got to meet, love and care for a grandchild, and was surrounded by a group of people that continue to love him and my mother.

That is a purposeful life...and one we can all strive to emulate. He set the bar high, and I will try my best to meet it.

Dad, I hope the wind is at your back, the sun on your face, and the sea is calm wherever you are. 

Rest In peace, Dad. I love you.

-Ryan Rosenberg