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In Memory

Doug Winston - Class of 1969








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05/28/19 11:49 AM #1    

Henry Randolph Hensel (1963)

06/22/19 04:57 PM #2    

Patricia Sette (1969)

Doug and I first became friends by way of alphabetical seating in eighth grade.That put me across the aisle from him, and soon we were both gazing innocently at Mr. Witte while passing notes and stifling laughs.  On my desk would be one book, and on my lap another, passed along by Doug - Exodus or The Black Cat, or Goldfinger.

Soon enough, Doug and I were riding late buses home so we could walk the empty hallways of West Brook JHS after school, avoiding (usually) Mr. Manzi and holding hands.  Very young love.

About 46 years after I last saw him, we reconnected by way of this site to share hundreds of emails about memories, music, videos, travel, results from personality tests and scores from Lumosity.  Both still loving the Kinks, both still avoiding the word "thing." (Thanks, Mr. Boyce.)

If you knew him, you'll remember Doug was an empathizer whose kindness extended to everyone.  So it seemed perfectly in character when he wrote that he'd stopped his car to guide a family of ducks across the road.  No surprise that his favorite motto was, "Be kind always, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle you know nothing about."

His own battles never stopped him.  It gave him much satisfaction to recall nearly a half century later how he competed for PHS on the TV Show, "It's Academic" with Criaig Greenwalt and Mitch Luxenberg, despite his stutter.

I'll always recall his email the day he married Jorge.  "Pat, now you and I are both married!  Only not to each other, like we thought in eighth grade!"  No, not married to each other, Doug, but good friends all over again!

06/23/19 01:00 PM #3    

Jeff Tveraas (1969)

Due to the same alphabetical seating Pat Sette mentioned above I was right in front of Doug and close to Pat as well and I can attest to witnessing the flurry of notes and chats between them...and I'll admit I was a tad jealous of their connection - eight grade hormones and all. I liked Doug but even more I respected him for his intelligence and wit. He was a good soul and unlike others in the class he was never condescending or dismissive of me, at least not that I can remember. And he never failed to "freeze" at the flick of a pen or pencil...our little game. Funny the things that stay with you...

He was one of the good ones and he's gone too soon.


07/12/19 07:01 AM #4    

Kenneth McDonough (1969)

Admittedly, I was shocked and saddened to learn of Doug's passing. When Doug learned we both went to Big Ten universities and we both went to law school, we occasionally shared private discussions on various cases. Doug had an intellect far above mine. I made catch up with street smarts. Doug was a fighter for causes and an excellent advocate.I admired his zeal and acceptance of different cultures, backgrounds, race, color, and sexual orientation.Doug knew I defended his choices in life, and his keen intellect was never condescending or impatient.

Doug's passing reminds many of us how fleeting life is. Doug accomplished the majority of his life's goals and settled into a well deserved comfort zone. He was accepting of my over the top Facebook comments since he knew I was once again cutting up, as in high school.

A true advocate and intellect is now gone. Doug's family was gifted and passed that gift on to him.He is already missed. RIP, Doug Winston.


Ken R. McDonough
PHS, 1969

07/14/19 09:51 AM #5    

Eric Zwick (1969)

Doug was in my homeroom and a number of classes. He was a very kind and sensitive guy and had a great deal of insight and intellectual capacity as teenagers. I was not surprised that he studied law and helped his clients. He was a nice person and will certainly be missed. His kindness and memories will last for many year

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