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In Memory

Gary Mayer - Class of 1964

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04/29/12 06:13 PM #1    

Henry Randolph Hensel (1963)

Posted for: Joanne Campo
I'm saddened to learn about Gary Mayer's passing. My absolutely clearest memory of Gary is this. A group of us kids were at Mimi Bauer's house and got down to playing Spin the Bottle. The very first boy to touch my lips with his was Gary. It obviously made quite an impression. Rest in eternal peace. Posted by: Judith Sternberg - Classmate   Jan 20, 2011
Gary & a few of us were neighbors at the corners of his Wilson Avenue, Jefferson Avenue, & nearby Carletta Court. We attended Memorial School together as well as Paramus High School. I personally spent those "hang around hours" of youth at Gary's house around Billy, & his Mom & Dad. Gary & I partnered in 7th grade on a solar system project in Mr. Andy Moschetto's Class. We received great accolades for our "high tech" battery powered "Star Viewer," just a glass globe covered with aluminum foil with pin holes in it to cast "stars" on the walls of a paper box covered with black construction paper. Plus, in Paramus High School, Gary's convertible served as one of the "campaign vehicles" covered with posters when I ran for student council president. Gary was one of those laid back great guys you called a friend. I remember his family's car business & their trips to their place in Pennsylvania......Fond memories of Gary....leave me saddened at his passing. Posted by: Philip Fontana - Montville - neighbor & classmate   Jan 20, 2011
It is never easy to lose someone, my prayers go out to his family and loved ones. Posted by: Joanne Campo - mesa, AZ - classmate   Jan 20, 2011
Because our last names began with a M we always shared the same home room at PHS. Never a close freind, at PHS all classmates were freinds. Remember him well and will cherish his freindship. Very sad to hear of his passing. My sympothy goes out to all that he touched.
Regards, Jack Maltagliati Posted by: Jack Maltagliati - Paramus, Belvidere, NJ - schoolmate and freind, PHS   Jan 20, 2011
Gary was survived by a brother Bill, a son Adam and his former wife Courtney. In the end, he was blessed to have been taken care of by Diana-Jean Shaddix, David Scott Shaddix and Olympia Russo. He was a Vietnam Vet with an amazingly big heart. He was a kind man that would sit up all night talking to us just cuz he had so much to share. Called Diana "Tink" and "Baby". Very protective, he would say "Nobody puts Baby In the corner", one of his favorite lines from Dirty Dancing. He talked of his father with a happy heart and loved to be around his friends........... We love u Gary......Posted by: Dee Shaddix - Palm Harbor FL,  - adopted daughter    Dec 29, 2010

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