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Edward Collins - Class Of 1969

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05/30/12 10:37 AM #1    

Henry Hensel (1963)

03/04/13 03:10 AM #2    

Gary Fagersten (1969)

I did not see much of Eddie after high school but during those East Brook JHS and PHS years he was great friend.  Lot's of fun.  Very good wrestler.  Always looking for a good time.  I'll never forget his Studebaker.  I'm not sure if that ride was ever registered with the State.  For sure it never passed inspection.

08/25/16 07:29 PM #3    

Corinne Fragala (O'Shea) (1970)

So many great and wonderful memories of Eddie!  Friends for many years and memories to last a lifetime.  You never can get used to not talking to old friends!  So many fun times - lots of laughs - great memories of Grimstad's - late night calls from Grimstead's!   It's so hard to think that you've been gone for so many years - I think of you often and my memories will last a lifetime.  Never ever have had a friend like you and never expect to.  You were there for me any time I needed a friend and I will never forget that.  I thought we'd grow to be old friends together.  I hope that you have found peace and are catching up with old friends and family.  I remember the Steudabaker - I could hear it from my house!  The races in PHS student parking lot, the trips into the city and so much more.  Rest in peace my friend.  Love to you always, Corinne

08/25/16 08:14 PM #4    

John Bremner (1969)

So sorry to hear this.I knew Ed in PHS but our best times were one summer when I was home frome college we worked in a factory together. It was 4pm til midnight..Then the fun began. What a great guy.

08/26/16 10:54 AM #5    

Cliff Steele (1969)


Thank you Corinne Fragala for marking the anniversary loss of one of the brightest, perceptive thinkers, and extraordinary physical persons our generation at PHS ever had-- albeit for far too short a time on earth. Eddie was my best friend; college room mate, team mate and Rascal Extraordinaire. Corinne and Kathy Reilly were his dearest female friends-- Tom Tillison & so many other guys were simply awed by his wit, toughness as a great wrestler and non- conformist of the 60's and all through his incredibly relentless 30 plus years as a quadriplegic  Eddie was literally hell on wheels. I still dream of him  I spent some of the most valuable moments of my life with him or thinking about him  what great times we had revolting, pushing the limits of any & all of societal restrictions. 

Not unlike so many special gift to our world, Eddie made his mark, displayed his leadership and fought the good fight when every challenge was unfairly hurled at him-- he learned to drive by sheer will to commute to Rutgers to finish undergrad; commuted to Seton Hall Law School to finish at the top; he was our inner strength and never let us give up-- regardless of the odds not to succeed. I became who I am in so many blessed ways because he was in my heart, my life, my family & friends .

For those who lost the chance to experience such a wonder I merely say-- there will never be another Eddie Collins. Thank you Corinne for your note- he loved you, Kathy and all of us like no other could .

Here's one for you " Ace"- I miss you so much. Love Cliff




09/04/17 12:35 PM #6    

Corinne Fragala (O'Shea) (1970)

Another anniversary of your passing has passed and as I did remember, time got away from me.  I think of you often and have enough memories to last my lifetime.  I always have a smile and a chuckle through reliving so many of our times together. We ALWAYS had a good time.  While reliving the good times I always remember the horrendous night when all of our lives changed  I never, ever forgot that night and have raised my kids to know how life can change in a second and to always think before you do anything   This was the lesson that they all grew up with and hopefully they reminded themselves of this throughout all the  experiences they have had   So much has changed over the years - many loses and bad health issues but I am so grateful that I have so many wonderful memories of our time together   Camping trips, trips into the city with you, get togethers with you and friends and many many memories   I had a great experience in high school and after with you - just want to thank you for all you were and still are to me  Rest In Peace my friend - Love, Corinne 


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