Old Paramus Pictures




 First In the Nation?

Routes 4 & 17 "Cloverleaf"





 Alexanders - 1969




Garden State Plaza



Garden State Plaza - 1960

Plaza Photos Courtesy of Michele See





Santa (East Side of 17)





Santa at The GSP - 1960




Anyone Remember the Bells?









Macy's - 1960?




One of Several Fountains




 Couldn't Do This Today





 Rain and Snow - It Didn't Matter





 S.S. Kresge's

An Actual Five and Dime Store




Howard Clothes

When the GSP wasn't covered





The Bergen Mall







The Mall Get a Roof





In the Beginning






The Early Days





This Lot Was Never Full Back Then





Too Much Liability for Rides Today




Two Guys from Harrison









EJ KOrvettes


Check Out the Cars!


I see a 1958 Ford, 1957 T-Bird, 1962 Valiant, 1962 Chevy, and >>>






Back In the Day



 Roller Rink on Route 17 - 1956

(Check out the grass divider!)



Suburban Diner Route 17 North

(when trucks were welcome!) 



Suburban Diner - 2012




Sandy's Hearth - Rte 4 West



Old Salt

(Route 4 East at the GSP Overpass - now a Honda dealership)




Pizza Town USA - Route 17 South

($0.25 slices and the $1.25 "Leave It to Us)




Johnny's Cash Market

(Midland Avenue next to the old library below)







Paramus Drive In

(Route 4 East - Entrance to GSP)




 The Fireplace




 Photo Courtesy of Carolyn Reichert - Class of '63

  The Chimes - Glen Avenue and Rte. 17 S




Route 17 - 1950's




 Route 17 N - 1Can Diner)









The Old Schools




Farview School - 1928



Midland School